Tuesday, 4 January 2011

The time in Sandakan. (School Times)

I am tiring when talking about back to school to help my members.

Anyways, I'm never say anything to them because I am happy to helping them and they are needed too.

If any wrong please don't blame on me because everyone is not perfect.

Unfortunately, I can go to see our unit organize a year most fabulous programme which is Anniversary of Unit 12 [SBH(Y)12].

This is the nice performance I ever saw on the event that organize by Unit 12.

All of you really do very well in your part. (HERE I GIVE YOU ALL 1st, 2nd and 3rd clap.)

Never never give up to take part in Unit.

Because we are here to learn and gain more knowledges to improve our own skills.

When I am looking back to my school uniform, junior and become a senior times.

I am really dis my best to build up my spirit and trying to get good result in Unit.

Although, a lot of teachers in our school not willing or not recommend us to join Red Crescent as school Unit Uniform Group.

Looking back to our history of St. Michael Red Crescent, our senior really did very well in their part as in every competition and many others activities that organize from center, inter-school, inter-devision, inter-state or international.

So, we are going to see these all gone without any reasons?

I am hoping you all still got such heart and interest to build up a good and high spirit team to makes our Unit and others more better.

Time will never wait you, if you didn't do anythings for it.

Life's got how many ten years? Just do once and let's people know who are you.

Lastly, I appreciate whatever you all did for our Unit.

Up up up all the way...
Saint Mike Saint Mike All the way... ^^
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