Tuesday, 4 January 2011

The time in Sandakan. (With Family)

I am very happy and felt my family really different from others.

I am feeling warm, happy, joy and etc when together with them.

I heard somebody said family not willing to listen to them and many others things.

So, my family are really different from others.

Everyone in my family are friendly, talkative, funny and always treat everyone nice.

Although, others treat my dad likes these, but dad are still helping them to solve every single problem.

This trip to Sandakan really best because everything I am thinking was successfully comes true.

Such as dad bought duck drumstick for me.

Dad and Mom took lunch with me at Old Town, Taman Mawar Central Market, Mile 8 Chicken Rice and many others.

Sis treat us to Edo Ichi at Tyng Garden.

I am crazy that night, I ate so much of sushi and japanese cuisine.

Mom and Bro can't finish their meal.

So, I am helping them to finish it too as what as I am a big stomach guy.

Everyone know this, if you are going to the buffet restaurant, I will take as much as I can onto the table and trying to finish it slowly and slowly.

Next, I went to Ocean King at 白沙港 with my parent on the morning. 

That time I am very tired because the day before I went to school to join the Christmas Eve Celebration and I didn't sleep for the whole night.

We are talking about Unit and sharing about our memories. 

I still remember, I have no energy to take the chopstick and my hand was shaking until non stop when I am going to get a piece of siew mai.

I went to Mile 4 Night Market with my family.

I met so many of my friends which long times didn't meet them and some of them totally changed a lot.

Some more pretty, some more handsome, some more taller, some more slimmer and etc.

I wish you all have a nice day and everything goes on nice.

If any additional I will add in soon...


Good night...
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