Wednesday, 5 January 2011

What do I wish in the rabbit years 2011? (Wishes)


I'm back again and I am posting the first post about my 2011 years.

However a post about 2011, I would like to talk about things that haven't been success in my 2010 years.

The things that haven't been do yet as below:

1. Saves money more than $XXXX.

2. Own a 500GB external hard disk.

3. Own a Iphone or smartphone.

4. Every months can buy a new nice clothes.

5. Every months can gives parent money.

I am wishing all of this only in the years of 2010.

Some more, all of the wishes I haven't get and did yet.

So, I hope this year 2011 can make it and I needed to add much more as below:

6. Go back to Sandakan twice which are May and December.

7. Go to Kota Kinabalu with family because I had a long time didn't go to the Capital of Sabah State since i'm primary sixth.

8. Bring beloved to hometown.

9. I can get a fantastic result as I can get a chance to oversea study.

Actually, I still got a lot of wishes.

I just do these before thinking of others.

Thank you and God bless us! ^^
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