Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Working Experience with the Medicated Oil!

Huh! Works? I want to involve to it and earns pocket money.

This is really fantastic when I'm receiving a call from anonymous which she is working as an agent and ask me "Are you Antony Lim? I'm Yvonne and you want to join the Baby Fair in Mid valley?". So, I am answering "Yes".

I am lack of money these few weeks. I need to work as much as possible to buy something useful or saves as a future money.

This is my first time working for Baby Fair which is held on 14th of January to 16th of January in Mid Valley Exhibition Centre.

First and foremost, I'm a fresh promoter with this company and they are offering well salary per day too.

Fortunately, I am helping them to sell Medicated Oil of Eagle Brand and the sells I'm not sure is good or bad.

I am getting some of the sample and testing too because as a customer we needed to test a product before to making a decision to buy or not to buy.

I'm a rational customer. Are you? You will say "Yes" because we are the same. ^^

On the first day, I'm went to Mid Valley by bus at 9a.m. It's really early you know, plus I'm alone with only my breakfast.

So, I went to the Mac Donald's which is nearby the GSC Cinema in Mid Valley to buy a set of Sausage MacMuffin and I ate my breakfast at there too.

When the time I am eating my breakfast, I am looking toward of all around my sitting places. It's making me to imagine myself as a boss of the mall and one more things are the opening of a shop, the sound, the workers and everything, likes a great start of the day.

I'm enjoying the breakfast and the environmental.

Next, it's time to go have a exercise after a big breakfast at Mac Donald's. I'm walking around and around of the purpose of searching a places to surfing internet and Facebook.

I found, I found and I found a lot of places but not everyplace can surf to the net and some of it require me to key in the password.

Few minutes later, time for me to meet the agent at in front of the Mid Valley Exhibition Centre.

She is overall woman and starting to telling me how to sell the products and etc.

So, the first day started indirectly because I have no tag before this, but then after requesting I got a pink color tag and it's seems to be cute as well.

That's the normal and not many people hang around in the Hall 3.

One thing is because it's Friday and working day.

At my booth, I won't be hungry of foods or drinks, in my booth you can found milk, rusk biscuits and also medicated oil too.

So, if you are hungry then eat biscuit, if you are not feeling well then uses medicated oil or if you wanna to drink some milk then you can drink.

I'm not feeling hungry or etc at the booth but the only thing was my shoulder felt pain all along the three days.


In this event, I had learned about social with others and met some new friends which are V Chin, Mei fung, Grace, Desmond and etc. They are friendly and nice. Nice to meet you post by AntonyLimBlogspot.com ^^

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