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Win to Win, no loss to loss or win to loss...

The question for myself. (It's tough)

I thought the things will be settle very soon and get a pretty results.

The answer was wrong and it is not really prefect as I think.
It's possible to changed it, if we are better to think it by a positive way.
The only thing is, you needs to be fair and square to faces it and try to don't be negative to it.
I am always do that.
Either be speechless, nor just said don't know at all.
Because it is meaning, I'm stupid and needed some advices.
For this post, I would like to express myself to being a normal human.

My name is Antony Lim, I'm just 19 years old.

I am living in Petaling Jaya with my sister recently.

I'm studying at Olympia College and doing Diploma in Information Technology.

Obviously, I am exciting to learn and studying in this college because there are so much of fun and etc.

The purpose of myself to further study, is to create a brighter life's and owns a piece of Diploma or Degree certificate and get paid by high income/salary.

I am thinking, is it po…

Orange Shirt with nothing at all...

It's Wednesday.

It's movie day again and whole day class.

I'm too tired of that.


That all...

Main point to lives...

As I am a normal guy,

 *I am living without any doubt,

 *I am not poor as you think and not as rich as you think,

 *I am just a normal guy in the world.

 *I want to get something to fill into my lives.

 *I want let my parent proud of me.

 *I want....

 *I want...

 *I want..

 *I want.

Research of pimple. Want to cure it? Easy...

A pimple is a kind of acne, and one of the many results of excess oil getting trapped in the pores. Some of the varieties are pustules orpapules. Pimples can be treated by various acne medications prescribed by a dermatologist, or purchased at a drug store with a wide variety of treatments. 

What Causes Pimples & Acne

Pimples usually develop after blackheads or whiteheads have become infected.

     There are oil glands on your chest, face and back numbering in the thousands. In fact, between the nose and cheek areas there are as many as two thousand oil glands every square inch. The function of these oil glands is to lubricate the skin by producing oil, or sebum. Oil that is produced in the glands flows through follicles or tiny ducts to the surface of the skin. It usually starts far beneath the surface of the skin. A blemish (or internal lump) begins about 2 to 3 weeks before it appears on your skin's surface. Acne first begins to form in your sebaceous hair follicles. Yo…

Check Stock Night!


妈妈打电话给我了。。。(Bilingual Post)

Chinese Version:









答案就是, 可以庆祝的。









English Version(Google translate):

Today, my mother suddenly called me.

I am very happy on the phone.

I think because I had a did not chat too long with my mother.

Thinks, I have days did not call parents.

Sorry, mom and dad. . .

Mom, call back because last time I told her I FanTaiSui.

In fact, my friend said we can not celebrate birthday in this FanTaiSui year.

So my mother went to ask master today.

The answer is, you can celebrate birthday.

Master said, we must celebrate birthday.

Because the sheep is not very good luck in this rabbit year.

But he also said, do remember to be careful what each ruin.

After th…





Valentine's Day..

I am planning long time ago and it's too messy in my mind.

I am not prefect and needs much idea from internet and friends.

I am always ask friends to give me some advice and I am surfing the internet to get some idea.

So, I am there to be with you at the Valentine's 2011.

All of this in one place which is romantic in our mind.

Garden Lifestyle and Store is a good place and the feel is really match us.

We ate our dinner together in Mid Valley.

After that, we are talking some memories of us.

Once again, we are asking to each other "meh shi" and "moh shi".

Lastly, we are going back to home at 9.00p.m

Because of transportation.

That's my valentine's day.

Cooking and go to Temple with friends...


Day before valentine's day.

is a nice day which is I can hang out with dear again.
and I am wake up around 9a.m by a shock from dear.
After that, I am going to take bath and ready to hang out with dear.
Before go to Times Square, we are taking our breakfast at Kuchai Lama.
Dear took Fu Zhou Yu Dan Fen and I took Sha Bao Yee Mee.
It's too delicious because dear beside me! hehe...
So, we are deciding to go Times Square.
We took a metro bus to Times Square.
On the way to there, dad suddenly called me and ask me few question.
I am answering because he ask me why didn't go back home??? and yours sis are worry about you....
After that, I straight call sis and tell her I'm okay and I am only went to dear house overnight.
Next, dear and I went to Times Square to watch a movie which is Mr. and Mrs Incredible by Hong Kong artists.
This is a good movie and funny from the start until the end.
I love it! 
It's talking about a couple to survive the nation and pupils.
Lastly, we are taking picture near the ground floor …

BBQ with dear primary school friends...

I had a long time doesn't go to barbecue.
Plus, I'm expert in barbecue-ing too.
I am always wishing to organize a barbecue with friends.
Because it is really fun and we are going to chatting all the night.
So, are you ready to barbecue with us?
Ready, Chicken Wings, Hot Dogs, Fried Rice, Fried Noodle, Fishes, Salads and etc.
and also tissue!
We are going to the hot and spicy night.
At the night, dear and I was waiting for a friend called Wei Loke to fetch.
Are dear house too hard to find?
Aiyoyo... They can't find it and we are walking to find them around Kuchai Lama.
After that, Wei Loke needs to fetch another friend at Sri Petaling.
He is really good racer. He is good in driving.
Next, we went to the condominium around Desa Petaling.
We are starting to burn the coal and etc.
It's just few people helping and the coal light up after 10 o'clock.
We are hungry for a long time.
We doesn't take any meal since lunch time.
All people are crying and shouting when can I eat my dinner?

I am just found my weakness...

I am finding my weaknesses since after my lecturer asked.

It's a topic in our syllabus.

Lecturer asked us to think and present it out in the class.

I am thinking until headache which is my weaknesses and my strength.

I am a hardworking person and you can ask me to do something, if I am free.

I'm likes to help people but I can't help you in money problem.

Because I am also needs money to survive.

That's my strength.

So, how's about my weakness?

It's here, I'm not suitable to make big decision.

I'm not sure whether, this is true or not.

I am taking long time to think a small matter or a big matter too.

So, I hope everyone don't be angry when you is asking me to makes decision.

Another thing is I am always forget something.




其实我不是福建人,我是潮州人, 但是我也可以拜拜。


















It's Wednesday Again! (What to do?)

It's Wednesday, the movie ticket goes to half price again.

I am thinking of which movie gonna to watch again.

Anyways, kenzor have already date us (Helbert, Patrick, Mike and I) to watch " I Love Hong Kong" at 1 Utama.

This movie which are acted by many Hong Kong TVB actress and actors.

Headache in the OCKL class today.


Before arrive to the class, I was inside the train and there are so many people get flu and cough.

It's normal thing in my mind because the bad weather and also everyone was tired within the Chinese New Year.

They are all going to visit family members house and etc.

For me, I'm sick because of the bad weather, sometimes cold and sometimes hot.

It's too horrible.

Not feeling well to see everyone to suffer likes me.

I am hoping everyone will be alright soon.

God bless you...

After that, when the time I'm reach to the class at 9.00a.m.

I found that no one are inside the class except a Nigerian girl and the class no switch on light.

I went inside and switch on everything and sitting there to surfing to internet as what I can do at the time.

Because there are no one there and it's too boring.

Time past so fast, everyone just one by one present in front of my eye's sight.

The class started at 9.30a.m.

Miss Hannah was using projector to show us the lecture and …




These three days...

It's quite a time, I am leaving my blog to be a blank list or not update a single post.

So, now i am trying to be update it as what I am doing last time.

The reason why I am not updating is because I'm working during the Chinese New Year and I'm here to glad everyone Gong Xi Fa Cai. ^^

Hope you all have a prosperity year.

Working Experience at Fotokem, Midvalley


Working Experience with the Media Player~ ^^

It's rolling and the time to earns pocket money for myself.

The important aim for this money is to buy flight ticket and also to buy what ever I am wishing to buy long time ago.

This is my first time to working as a promoter for Media Player department.

A challenge for me as well, because I am not really familiar with those format of video, music, picture or text.

Anyways, I tried my best to get the good sales.

28th of January 2011:

I'm woke up earlier in the morning and start prepare myself, wear nice cloth and also smile~

It's Friday and Patrick and I are working in the same booth as a promoter for this IT Fair.

So, we are deciding to take public transport to Mid Valley which is cost not much of our money.

The first day we must arrive Mid Valley around 10.30a.m to organize and meet our agent.

We are arrived there around 10.00a.m but the agent just called us around 11.00a.m.

When the time we met the agent, there are so many girl beside him and those are also work together…









Anyway, this post until here bah~ ^^