Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Headache in the OCKL class today.


Before arrive to the class, I was inside the train and there are so many people get flu and cough.

It's normal thing in my mind because the bad weather and also everyone was tired within the Chinese New Year.

They are all going to visit family members house and etc.

For me, I'm sick because of the bad weather, sometimes cold and sometimes hot.

It's too horrible.

Not feeling well to see everyone to suffer likes me.

I am hoping everyone will be alright soon.

God bless you...

After that, when the time I'm reach to the class at 9.00a.m.

I found that no one are inside the class except a Nigerian girl and the class no switch on light.

I went inside and switch on everything and sitting there to surfing to internet as what I can do at the time.

Because there are no one there and it's too boring.

Time past so fast, everyone just one by one present in front of my eye's sight.

The class started at 9.30a.m.

Miss Hannah was using projector to show us the lecture and I think is better than writing on the board.

Although, the marker is supplying from the college.

We have to be Eco-friendly.

The time start class was nothing happening, but after a while, some of the headache question comes to a boy.

He is not accepting the answer that gave from the lecturer and keeping argue in the answer and the equation used by Miss Hannah.

So, my headache started, because they are very noisy plus I'm not feeling well at that time.

I wish no next time and don't let myself get flu again.

Beside that, the class ended at 1p.m with only 15 minutes break at the middle.

Eunice dad is fetching me to Taman Jaya LRT Station.

Then I went to Taman Paramount to eat my lunch and also withdrawing my money.

P/M: The two Personal Computer was sent to customer today also and I get one more red packet from a grandmother.

Thank you for your visiting...

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