Thursday, 24 February 2011

The question for myself. (It's tough)

I thought the things will be settle very soon and get a pretty results.

The answer was wrong and it is not really prefect as I think.

It's possible to changed it, if we are better to think it by a positive way.

The only thing is, you needs to be fair and square to faces it and try to don't be negative to it.

I am always do that.

Either be speechless, nor just said don't know at all.

Because it is meaning, I'm stupid and needed some advices.

For this post, I would like to express myself to being a normal human.

My name is Antony Lim, I'm just 19 years old.

I am living in Petaling Jaya with my sister recently.

I'm studying at Olympia College and doing Diploma in Information Technology.

Obviously, I am exciting to learn and studying in this college because there are so much of fun and etc.

The purpose of myself to further study, is to create a brighter life's and owns a piece of Diploma or Degree certificate and get paid by high income/salary.

I am thinking, is it possible for me to study until to Degree level?

Because myself got financial problem to continue my Degree studies.

Maybe I am going to completed my Diploma and starts my life's.

It's time to being positive and say no to "Negative".

I hope you all same as me.

I wish you all have a nice day and nice dream...
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