Thursday, 3 February 2011

Working Experience with the Media Player~ ^^

It's rolling and the time to earns pocket money for myself.

The important aim for this money is to buy flight ticket and also to buy what ever I am wishing to buy long time ago.

This is my first time to working as a promoter for Media Player department.

A challenge for me as well, because I am not really familiar with those format of video, music, picture or text.

Anyways, I tried my best to get the good sales.

28th of January 2011:

I'm woke up earlier in the morning and start prepare myself, wear nice cloth and also smile~

It's Friday and Patrick and I are working in the same booth as a promoter for this IT Fair.

So, we are deciding to take public transport to Mid Valley which is cost not much of our money.

The first day we must arrive Mid Valley around 10.30a.m to organize and meet our agent.

We are arrived there around 10.00a.m but the agent just called us around 11.00a.m.

When the time we met the agent, there are so many girl beside him and those are also work together with us as a promoter.

The agent called as Mr. Wong which is good looking and nice guy.

We are still waiting for others, because some of them still cannot find Mr. Wong.

Few more minutes later, the others met us and we are going to go inside the Exhibition Centre and start our IT Fair job.

I saw a lot of unfamiliar brand inside the hall and it's too wild.

So, Mr. Wong are starting to divide us to 2 difference booths.

I'm working at booth 219 which located in third hall and beside us was Huawei booth or Celcom Broadband.

Beside that, the happiness come to us from the first day because we are taking our lunch at 4.00p.m++ and the dinner ate in the bus.

It's the first day which are filled with happiness.

P/M: Don't ask me to take night time bus again! Because only got limited time.

29th of January 2011:

As the same, morning wake up earlier and done whatever you will do in the morning.

But this time Patrick and I are not chosen public transport to go LRT station.

I drove to Taman Paramount and We ate Chee Cheong Fun and Nasi Lemak.

It's quick weird because the shop just a new fast food corner and the food not so nice.

After that, we are going to Mid Valley by LRT and T631 RapidKL Bus.

We went to Mid Valley around 10.30a.m.

So, the outside of the Exhibition Centre was also fulled of human being.

For those got exhibitor pass just only can get into the Exhibition Centre before 11.00a.m.

Although, this is the second day, there are so many people are going to grab new stuff and cheap stuff as what I know, Seagate 3.5" External Hard Disk just only RM99.

I cannot buy it because some of the reasons.

Lunch and the dinner time is the same as the first day but the dinner we are eating at my house.

So delicious which is we are getting 3 boxes of mixed rice!

P/M: Media Player are not easy to sell and all the day we are listening to Girl Generations and Super Junior musics.

30th of January 2011:

So fast already met the last day and day to get salary.

Today, Patrick drove car to LRT station there.

I love it.

So, when we went to there.

There are new stock coming today but not much, it is just some model and easy to sell.

Especially, for me, RM99 for a HDMI port Media Player.

I wrote a big banner and paste on the board there to attract people attention to buy from us.

It's successful and everyone will ask can i have one of this or can you get one for me.

Unfortunately, we are going to eat our lunch more early at 3.00p.m++

But our dinner still late and got 3 boxes too.

I need to thanks to Jacky because he is fetching us to LRT station.

P/M: We are happy because saw crystal lee which is little actress in the movie " Great Day ".


I really have a nice experiences with everyone:

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