Thursday, 31 March 2011

Is too Creepy...

       Time to blog, today as normal, I went to class at the morning and I'm late, but I still can catch up all the matter lecturer taught us. When the class has finish, everyone was came into the room and wait for others, because Vivian had date us to go lunch together and plan about the next trip to Port Dickson in this coming May. It's nice and fun. At the same time, Godwin, my president of Student Council, asked me to follow him to print out the organization chart in the CRO office. We took a long time and I makes others to wait me only. So, they start to disturbing my lappy accessories such as mouse, lappy and etc. I as fast as possible to completed the task and go lunch with them, otherwise they are going to kill me.

      Besides that, Yu Tan call one of us and told us her car was suddenly tyre leaks at the time we reached the restaurant. So, when she found us, all guys was went to helps her. 30 minutes later, the car tyre changed and she went off, we are continue talking our topic.

The Car and People~

       Finally, everyone are going to ordered Pan Mee and no one meat ball be steal by Vivian. Haha...

       Wondering How was the Next Trip~ ^^

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

The Always Dinner...

Are you still remember the first day until now?
Our dinner
What we ate, what we took and what is the topic of the night?
Still remember?
I'm appreciate and I'm loving it!
Although, we are not came from a same place.
We are also having difference of cooking style.

Fried mushroom most special~

No taste tofu but nice because of plain and healthy~

More spicy~ More Spicy~

I likes the egg plus japan tofu~

Mee~ HamBaLang put inside...

With the pig blood and dragon fruit~

Bah Kut Teh~ I'm second times to eat this taste Bah Kut Teh~ Nice!

Yellow vegetables and fried vegetables root! ^^

I still got a question lerh. What is that?

This is the collection of the Dinner~
I'm appreciate and I'm hope this can remind your nice memory...

It's for you, not to you...

        It's not to you, but I'm makes this for you. It's a kind of weird language I'm using but it's for you. What I'm going to say is, you are thinking too much in yesterday, I hope you don't think again because the answer I gave it to you yesterday. I'm doesn't angry or anything and just I'm suddenly speechless and not feeling want to talk.

Monday, 28 March 2011

The Belated Birthday Celebration in Celine Bistro.

       It's time to blogging again. What happen in this beautiful Monday? Olympia College Petaling Jaya Campus student council had organized a Birthday Party for those births in January, February and March. I'm a February Baby! So, let celebrate together with everyone and I hope everyone have fun because we held 2 activities for the event. The first activity is for the participate in the event and second is for those celebrate birthday. I'm loving it, they prepared Mac Donald's for us which are Mac Chicken and Fillet O Fish. I'm decided to take Fillet O Fish.

       First Activity, they are passing a box around which the box contains of question and they play the music, when the music stop, the person will get his or her punishment. The victims of the day are Patrick, Nick, Naga and Jeevan. 

       Second Activity, chasing a chair for themselves and also the same, they are playing the music. The champion of the game was a guy and I'm became the first runner up. Haiz...

       Then, they start the "Cream War"... The Later Scene you can think about it... there are some photo to rich your imagination. ^^

Sunday, 27 March 2011

It's not a good time.

       It's not a good time because of too many of unfair and unhappy things happens in the work time. First of all, the first morning, on the way to the bus stop, I saw a lot of people are viewing something and I'm got a bad feeling maybe got an accident and got a victim. So, I just go there take a look what is happening. There is an accident and one of them dead in the accident. This accident included two Perodua Kancil and few people. I just took a picture for you guys.

The accident scene

       Fortunately, the bus I want to board came and I leave the accident place and heading to my working place. I took a piece of roti canai and a cup of teh tarik as my breakfast. Next, I just straight go to Giant Kelana Jaya hang around. I walk few round inside the Hypermarket. It's too boring and nothing much I just called my Supervisor to guide me, where should I go. Few hours later, I met him and he gave all the materials I needed to serves the customers and teaches me how to handle and introduce the product to customer. After that, he went off. It's my time to prepare the thing to serve customer. This is my first day and I went back home at 8.00p.m++. Tired...

       Unfortunately, it's second day and the bad day because although I went out very early today, but seems the bus don't want to fetch me to the destination. I waited for 2 hours more but the bus didn't come. In my mind, I am just thinking of forgive them, the bus is coming sooner. Finally, the bus didn't come and I took a taxi to the working place and cost me RM6.00. I hate this! It's the reason makes me over budget. I hate it. Besides that, there are no reasons to don't let me bring my handset into the working place. I got my right to bring the handset, I'm not your staff or your promoter. I'm a third party promoter, I want to bring my handset into the working place. Anyways, at last I also cannot bring my phone into the working place, Giant makes such rules and regulations to promoters. I hate it. 

       The last and also the third point, I hate the day is, got two little guys called me as UNCLE! I'm looks like an uncle? It's not true. It's not true! 我接受不了咯. I will forgive you guys because you are still young and don't know how to speak well. The budget of the second day was RM26. So, the budget of two days are RM36. T.T

Thursday, 24 March 2011

The easy day...

       I had a long time doesn't write a daily post, this is because of busy, assignment, lecture, class, lazy or etc. I'm not sure whether is lazy or busy, but today I write a daily post is because I suddenly want to express myself again. I finished my assignment and I passed up everything to my lecturer. I hope no issues in the assignment because I am trying my best to do it and I'm becoming lazy now a day. I anytime also think of others and not myself. I likes to helps other, I think is because my mindset and etc. But sometimes I can't really help them and I messy their works. At here, I hope you can forgive me.

       Lastly, today I'm found something good and remind back my previous year memory. Nice...

This is the continue of the PVC paip activity.

Link to the previous post: Click On Here (COH)

       This is my opinion among the activity. First of all, in the PVC paip activity I learned it is not easy to manage a team which are everybody talking and no a leader leading us. Remind back to my National Service(NS) time, I had done this activity before and I also got the experiences to do this activity and I success, but why when inside this camp I became so quite and can't think a matter anymore to solve the problem, to let the PVC paip get down on to the floor. Linking to networking, as I said, manage a team is not easy and why my own don't do the best because I am giving myself an excuse to escape from the truth.

       As a leader, we needs to be brave and not easy because we need to do so much of things and handle so many problem to be able to enjoy with colleague and others and together to get a reward. 

       Second, in the body drop from one point to another point, I will said it is really not an easy steps. I actually trying to makes my mind into the activity and I just thinking of my parent because last time I tried this way. They told me money is not easy to get, if we got money, you must keep it for any useful things and don't buy useless things. Next, if we link this to networking, I think that all of us needs to be responsible to ourself and others, I means the mindset, because it will always come together with our face when we feel angry or etc and easy to let people know what we are thinking and our feeling.

       Besides that, if you are holding a thing and please makes sure that hold it tied, because if we are just play with it. It might be causing someone injury.

       As a conclusion, I doesn't really take note in NS, that is because everyone told us NS are for fun and you just need to act it like a fun camp. That is why I didn't make a different. I have to changes my style, my mindset and try to be brave.

       Tired... Money is not easy to earn, but it's easy gone.

Start from the basic of me in the camp (31th of July 2010)

       Today I woke up at 6.00a.m. I took a cold bath and earlier go to lobby of the hotel and to wait the restaurant to open and eat my breakfast. The breakfast is very nice because I took a lot of food and drinks until my table full with foods. Then, the first activity of the day was start without wearing shoes and we are singing and dancing in the hall. After that, walking in likes a blind people around the hotel by using a black cloth and closed our eyes. At the same time, our legs was tied together and walk around likes a crazy human and my legs was being pulled by a people until my leg was "lebam". Next, we act likes a worm to play a games to test our teamworks and human bridge too. Now my muscle very pain. Besides that, we had undergo a activity which I am feel upset and caused everyone need to do from the beginning to the end again. It's because of me we get second last, but actually we can get first runner up. Next, the activity are testing our  mind set and it is a kind of headache activity which is the PVC paip from a standard height level to the floor. Lastly, the dinner was very nice and I really likes Mr. Eric sharing with us.

       Tired Day again...

Start from the basic of me in the camp (30th of July 2010)

       For the first day morning, I woke up from my lovely bed at 6.00a.m. I was very tired but I needs to be rush to go to take my bath in just 15 minutes. These is what I done in the bathroom such as !@#$%^&^%$#@!. Anyways, this was not the interesting part, the interesting parts was when I board the bus at 7.00a.m, a lot of people boarded the bus which included students, worker and others. Fortunately, the bus arrived to the LRT Station and I board a train for 45 minutes to the Wangsa Maju LRT Station. I have to thanks to Edric. He is the one fetching me to the location we have to gather and board the bus to Port Dickson.

       On the way to Port Dickson, we are talking along and try to know each others. The bus took around 2 hours to reach to the destination, that is because the bus driver don't know the way to go to our destination. Unfortunately, we are there, when we first step on the floor after the 2 hours sitting in the car, we felt very nice. That is because of the beautiful hotel view and the beach view. Besides that, I'm haven't take my breakfast and lunch. So, Kang Rong are going to fetch few of our gang to the nearest town to take our lunch. He also told us in Port Dickson got a night market on every Saturday.

       After the lunch, we went back to the hotel and start to register ourself to check in to the room. The first activity that we had, is learns Sorry-sorry steps and Nobody steps to perform in the next day. Then, we are making our dream chart and write down our own dream in a piece of small paper and put it inside a balloon and blow it and tied. That game, I learned how to be serious to handle a matter and protect my dream from others attack. Lastly, the lunch and dinner for the day was nice. I am really appreciate the sharing and talk from Mr. Jecwin.

       Tired Day...

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Today lunch topic is "WORM".

        Today is Monday and a day we needs to wears formal outfit. It's time to lunch again. Our gang included Patrick, Reuben, Sherman, JJ, dear and I. We went to the Mamak Stall in front of our college to take our lunch. 

Not this worm...


Monday, 21 March 2011

No time to play anymore...

       Assignment, assignment and assignment... No time to play games to relax myself. It's time for me to do my last assignment and it's hard to complete this assignment, because I have no idea with it. I tried to squeeze up myself. But it's looks like no reaction with it. What I gonna do now is, relax and do, relax and do or ask help for help. Finally, the assignment had done at the time of 11.00p.m and printed out at 11.15p.m. Wao... 爽啊。。。

Saturday, 19 March 2011

It's a capital of our country.

Kuala Lumpur...

Petronas Twin Tower...

KL Tower...

Bukit Bintang...

Sungai Wang Plaza...

Low Yat Plaza...






BB Plaza...

Monorail KL...

Rapid KL LRT...

Mid Valley Megamall...

Kuala Lunpur Convention Center...

Kuala Lumpur International Airport...

Sepang F1...

Suria KLCC...

Kuala Lumpur Central...


Sunway Lagoon...

Sunway Pyramid...

1 Utama Shopping Mall...

Genting Highland...

Berjaya Times Square...

Thursday, 17 March 2011




The Olympia Genting Trip...

       It's time to have a break. I had a long time doesn't go to Genting. Plus, this time was really different than normal. That is because I am going with my college friends (Patrick, JJ Yap, Ringo, Vivian, Kok Ming, May Yi, Reuben, Naga, Raj, Nick), dear and etc. This trip although is very tiring but I gains a lot of fun with you guys. This is my first time hang out with you all and the night before the trip, we are planing how the day will be and the conversation of the night got a victim that is our Professional Photographer, Patrick!.

 After all, we went to sleep.

The First Day

       At the first morning, I wake up so early 7 o'clock to preparing my things and left a message on my Facebook Wall's. Took a cold water bath, put all the shampoo and tooth brush into my luggage and start to walk to the Central Market of my house areas. What's to do there? Patrick and I have no transport to go college. So, we have asked Reuben to fetch us along to the college. Moreover, on the way to central market, sis called me and asked me "Where are you? I'm gonna to fetch you to college."  I thought she can makes it, because last night she told me can't. Anyways, I think because I can't heard it clearly.

       When we are arrived college, first we are searching somethings to eat. I'm sorry guys, I thought 7th floor got open, but actually didn't open. And yet, we are going back to the Mamak Stall front of our college building and took a piece of roti bakar and a cup of Milo Ice. I really felt want to vomit everything when remind back the scenes of Patrick Story's " Got a lizard inside the Milo Ice." Uishhhhh.... Few minutes later, we saw Mr. Conrad driving a Kancil and he told us that is his friend car. We are gossiping until the time everyone are arrived to college. 

       After that, we are just going back to college to meet them at the 2nd floor. That is the time to start taking picture with everyone and the briefing was too boring because the person who talking is speaking in soft tone.
Therefore, the trip started and everyone ready to on board. I saw everyone are started to uses their camera to takes pictures which caused me want to take along. I am not feeling well on that morning because cough, flu and not enough water. Unfortunately, the car is moving and the driver drove us using the long way instead of shortcut. One more thing is the car is just 20km/h driving up to Genting Highland. Anything can makes it faster?

       Luckily, we are arrived on time to the destination called as Genting View Resort. This is my first time to visit and stay in this resort, quite nice and beautiful too. The price of the apartment lot is cheap as a deluxe room of Genting First World Hotel. Beside that, Godwin our trip chairman are going to separate us into 3 groups which is each group with 10 people and stay in an apartment lot and contained of 3 rooms, living room, kitchen, dining room and 2 toilets. My groups are contains Patrick, JJ, Vivian, Ringo, Kok Ming, Reuben, May Yi, Avinash, Kumaray, 2 more people, Sali, Dear and I. Afterwards, we are prepare to go to the GVR Club and bring along the swimming suit. We swims until 2 o'clock. Then we are going back to our room and take a bath, playing with the card and eat instant noodle. Sharp at 3 o'clock, all of us faster changes our cloths and make up nice to be ready get up to the hill!

     Genting! We are coming. We spends for RM25 for the shuttle bus and RM10 for the cabal return trip ticket. Few minutes later, WE ARRIVED to GENTING! We are planing to play in the Outdoor Theme Park, Haunted House & Snow House.

Outdoor Theme Park: Closed due to raining
Haunted House: Some of them afraid of ghost
Snow House: On 

     The pricing of Snow House was increased to RM20, before this is just RM18. In the Snow House, I am playing until whole of my body was wet and my ears, behind my neck and inside my cloth filled with snow! Whom is the people to caused me like that? They are RINGO, JJ, PATRICK, REUBEN, VIVIAN, KOK MING, DEAR! Anyways, I really enjoy and my jacket was damn smelly after the Snow War inside the Genting Snow World. What to do? dirty ice some more... At the 6.10 o'clock, we came out from the Snow World and my stomach start "GRhhh Grhhh" means hungry. I want to take my dinner. So, we plan to have a steamboat buffet dinner at the hotpot restaurant nearby the MarryBrown fast food corner there. The food served at the place was not nice and no ice cream or herbal tea. Not recommended...

       Next, the time is 8.35p.m and we needs to reach to the Genting Skyway by 9 o'clock. So, we are rushing and running to board the cable car. Fortunately, we arrived on time and took some crazy picture at there. On the way back to the Genting View Resort, we are singing, shouting and gossiping childish things such as singing "twinkle twinkle little star", shouting "Gan Fu" , gossiping "non sense". After that, we walking back to our own room to continue the next session that is our Make Up War. Ngor Jip Sau Em Dou Lor!!! by everyone... Kok Ming, not fair lor and the night lose the most are Kok Ming and Patrick. After that, we are having a chit chat in the black and actually is time to talk ghost story, but don't know why nobody start it. I sitting beside dear and then everyone seems to likes sleepy. Patrick, Reuben, Ringo and I went to the middle room to sleep. Suddenly, they climb up to the bed and jump on me and Patrick. All of them are so heavy, such as heavy rock drop from the hill. I am afraid and then went to dear room to continue chit chat. Chit chat until half, reuben came into the room too.

       More a while, Patrick came too, he is awake because of some sound that makes by unknown thing from out of the windows. Likes knocking the windows continuously... After that, we continued the topic we are talking about. At 4 o'clock in the morning, we just went to sleep tight.

That is my first day...

The Second Day

       I wake up at 9 o'clock. I heard a lot of people are chit chatting loudly at the living room and I'm doesn't bother them, continue to rest until 10 o'clock. When I get out from the room, everyone are talking me, which I kicked dear from the bed to the floor. Oh My God!!! Dear, sorry bah... All of them keep on complain "Antony, why you like that one? Dear also kick down from the bed. Do you know how pain is she? Aiyoyo... however she is laying on the floor for the night, she doesn't sleep at all." and somemore dear keep on teasing me at the morning. She looks tired and she have a big panda eyes too. We are going to clear all the snacks that we brought and Reuben and I have to reuse the cup to cook the instant noodle. It's oily but no choice, (大菌吃小菌,小菌变没菌.)

       After that, I went to take my morning bath and the door was can't really lock, if something plug into the hole and turn, the door will be opened automatically. It's such a shame of the hotel and everyone keep on playing with JJ which he is going to take a bath but everyone keep on open the door by using a knife, pity one. Moreover, I took my bath and we are start to packing our luggage, to go back to our home. Before that, we are going to join some activities such as Badminton and Tarik Tali. In the same time, dear are walking around the club house, she told me she is tiring and not enough sleep. But yet she walk around. So, I went to the Badminton Court, purposely for taking picture of whose are playing at there. But then, they attracted me and I get the racket, play few matches with them. The cameraman yet changed to Vivian. We are shirtless at that time and she keep on capture us, then start to laugh us.

       Next, all of us are tiring and sweats a lot, so we went to the lobby and bought some drinks to recharges our energy. I doesn't bought any, but I drinks others one. We are starting gossip again and taking naked picture such as showing our muscle, body, shirtless and etc. I'm really thin enough comparing to others. Plus, I'm the only one got a abnormal ribs bone. Time to Tarik Tali, this is our last activity for the trip. So, Godwin asked everyone go to the big field, ready for the match. Each group contains of 4 boys and 1 girl, and my group included Patrick, Ringo, Dear, I and Avinash. We lose with the score 1-2. That was nice. I had a long time doesn't play this game and it really need to have a good strategy before you want to win from the match.

     Lastly, the winner for the Tarik Tali was Godwin team. Then, we went back to the club house and waiting for the bus to come and fetch us back to OCPJ. Everyone are tiring and sleeping in the bus. 15 minutes later, we arrived to a food court and we took our lunch at there. I took a plate of mixed rice and dear took a plate of fried instant noodle, quite nice but too expensive. Fortunately, we are safely arrived to OCPJ and people are waiting for their relatives and parent to fetch them to home except me and Patrick. Not because of sis, because their are some problem due to the car, so I have to follow dear car to go back home. Thank you! Daddy or Uncle? haha... This is the Genting trip and Have a nice day to you all. I hope the next trip will be held on very soon.

       That's all... Thank you...

The Photo Album Link:

Monday, 14 March 2011

Thursday, 10 March 2011

I'm ready to go Genting Highland with you guys!

I am waiting these...
Space shot...
Swing Swing Swing
Roller Coaster
Water car
Flying Coaster

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

3 days in the PC Expo 2011.


Ohayo, Vanakam, Zao San, Good Morning, Selamat Pagi...

It's time to conquer new IT stuff again.

In the first month of 2011, I am working as a Media Player promoter and so far the results of the sales was good enough and I am trying to do my best.

I am doing what a top seller doing right now.

I am trying to get the best results to shows I'm good one.

Everyone should have this mindset to build a hard and creative mind.

It will helps us. It's true. I'm serious.

Although, I'm not good enough as those professor, can study until so high level of education.

But I'm using my hand to serve and mouth to explain, to build a good relationship with others.

So, I am working in Mid Valley Pc Expo 2011.

It is a new experiences with Modeo which is branded from Malaysia.

I'm loving it too, It is Full HD with DTS Surround, It has Internet TV and etc.

So much of benefits after you purchase of it.

Anyways, it is depends on your needs and budgets.

In the first day, I woke up earlier of the morning and waiting for Chai Tiam to fetch me to the LRT Station.

After that, he is going to Mac D or somewhere to surf the net.

I met Veldrice and then Mr. Wong.

So, we get the tagged and went inside to our own booth to prepare the fair.

I am suffering to the cashier and everyone there except the only one big guy that is our Mr. Wong.

He is our god. haha

I am so tension for the first few hours because I have not sell one player yet and Mr. Wong kept on teasing me about the sales.

As a results for the first day, not bad and no so good because the stock almost finishes.

Second day, I am tiring because my legs start pain.

Anyways, I dated Veldrice together to take a look with every booths from the first hall to the 3rd hall.

I saw so many of my beloved stuff which are external hard drive, lappy, speakers, mouse, lappy bags and etc.

Unfortunately, we saw YanXian Tan at Acer booth.

Had a talk with her and telling the skills, how to do sales. ^^ (we are studying bah)

It's time to work, so we walk back to our own hall and start prepare.

I just found that the Seagate external hard disk that I bought is cheaper than I bought last time. Haiz...

We don't  buy it in this Pc Expo 2011? Haiz...

As a result of second day is Good result! All the Media Player sold and only leave the RM259 one.


It's last day of my Pc Expo 2011 job and also the 1 meal on the whole day.

I'm quite interesting with the boss of this time Pc Expo 2011 because he and she feed me good good and they are from Johor.

I'm love this job and I willing to work for you as a promoter when Pc fair!

^^ All the best... 1 meal for a day... No worry... I'm tough enough...

PC EXPO 2011 DEFEATED by AntonyLim... ^^

Monday, 7 March 2011

It's too fun at all...

It's time to say hurray!

Because my college Hotel School gonna to organizing a trip to Genting Highland.

This is just only students in OCPJ are available to join.

So, it's really good time to us, to communicate with each other.

As long as one sentence also can build up our teamwork to makes another world and better life's.

Next, I need to finish up my assignment before going to Genting Highland.

Because no finish got worry, already finish no more worry....

Hehe... That's all...

Thursday, 3 March 2011





Wednesday, 2 March 2011
















My 20th Birthday...

Is that any good way to give me express when I am speechless?

It's a long way and long time I didn't updates my blog.

What to do?

I'm becoming speechless now a day.

First of all, I am stuck in my assignment and my life's.

There are 2 more assignments needs to done in this week and binding it in pretty state.

So, whom is the last minutes guy? I am the one.


After that, my life's is not easy as I know it.

It's involving both of us and our mind set.

As I know, there are few types of human in this world.

If these is the luck/fate that we got.

Why don't we take good care of it?

No more blame to myself and you anymore.

It's suck.


Top 5 : Laundry Room Style