Wednesday, 9 March 2011

3 days in the PC Expo 2011.


Ohayo, Vanakam, Zao San, Good Morning, Selamat Pagi...

It's time to conquer new IT stuff again.

In the first month of 2011, I am working as a Media Player promoter and so far the results of the sales was good enough and I am trying to do my best.

I am doing what a top seller doing right now.

I am trying to get the best results to shows I'm good one.

Everyone should have this mindset to build a hard and creative mind.

It will helps us. It's true. I'm serious.

Although, I'm not good enough as those professor, can study until so high level of education.

But I'm using my hand to serve and mouth to explain, to build a good relationship with others.

So, I am working in Mid Valley Pc Expo 2011.

It is a new experiences with Modeo which is branded from Malaysia.

I'm loving it too, It is Full HD with DTS Surround, It has Internet TV and etc.

So much of benefits after you purchase of it.

Anyways, it is depends on your needs and budgets.

In the first day, I woke up earlier of the morning and waiting for Chai Tiam to fetch me to the LRT Station.

After that, he is going to Mac D or somewhere to surf the net.

I met Veldrice and then Mr. Wong.

So, we get the tagged and went inside to our own booth to prepare the fair.

I am suffering to the cashier and everyone there except the only one big guy that is our Mr. Wong.

He is our god. haha

I am so tension for the first few hours because I have not sell one player yet and Mr. Wong kept on teasing me about the sales.

As a results for the first day, not bad and no so good because the stock almost finishes.

Second day, I am tiring because my legs start pain.

Anyways, I dated Veldrice together to take a look with every booths from the first hall to the 3rd hall.

I saw so many of my beloved stuff which are external hard drive, lappy, speakers, mouse, lappy bags and etc.

Unfortunately, we saw YanXian Tan at Acer booth.

Had a talk with her and telling the skills, how to do sales. ^^ (we are studying bah)

It's time to work, so we walk back to our own hall and start prepare.

I just found that the Seagate external hard disk that I bought is cheaper than I bought last time. Haiz...

We don't  buy it in this Pc Expo 2011? Haiz...

As a result of second day is Good result! All the Media Player sold and only leave the RM259 one.


It's last day of my Pc Expo 2011 job and also the 1 meal on the whole day.

I'm quite interesting with the boss of this time Pc Expo 2011 because he and she feed me good good and they are from Johor.

I'm love this job and I willing to work for you as a promoter when Pc fair!

^^ All the best... 1 meal for a day... No worry... I'm tough enough...

PC EXPO 2011 DEFEATED by AntonyLim... ^^
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