The Belated Birthday Celebration in Celine Bistro.

       It's time to blogging again. What happen in this beautiful Monday? Olympia College Petaling Jaya Campus student council had organized a Birthday Party for those births in January, February and March. I'm a February Baby! So, let celebrate together with everyone and I hope everyone have fun because we held 2 activities for the event. The first activity is for the participate in the event and second is for those celebrate birthday. I'm loving it, they prepared Mac Donald's for us which are Mac Chicken and Fillet O Fish. I'm decided to take Fillet O Fish.

       First Activity, they are passing a box around which the box contains of question and they play the music, when the music stop, the person will get his or her punishment. The victims of the day are Patrick, Nick, Naga and Jeevan. 

       Second Activity, chasing a chair for themselves and also the same, they are playing the music. The champion of the game was a guy and I'm became the first runner up. Haiz...

       Then, they start the "Cream War"... The Later Scene you can think about it... there are some photo to rich your imagination. ^^

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