Thursday, 31 March 2011

Is too Creepy...

       Time to blog, today as normal, I went to class at the morning and I'm late, but I still can catch up all the matter lecturer taught us. When the class has finish, everyone was came into the room and wait for others, because Vivian had date us to go lunch together and plan about the next trip to Port Dickson in this coming May. It's nice and fun. At the same time, Godwin, my president of Student Council, asked me to follow him to print out the organization chart in the CRO office. We took a long time and I makes others to wait me only. So, they start to disturbing my lappy accessories such as mouse, lappy and etc. I as fast as possible to completed the task and go lunch with them, otherwise they are going to kill me.

      Besides that, Yu Tan call one of us and told us her car was suddenly tyre leaks at the time we reached the restaurant. So, when she found us, all guys was went to helps her. 30 minutes later, the car tyre changed and she went off, we are continue talking our topic.

The Car and People~

       Finally, everyone are going to ordered Pan Mee and no one meat ball be steal by Vivian. Haha...

       Wondering How was the Next Trip~ ^^
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