It's not a good time.

       It's not a good time because of too many of unfair and unhappy things happens in the work time. First of all, the first morning, on the way to the bus stop, I saw a lot of people are viewing something and I'm got a bad feeling maybe got an accident and got a victim. So, I just go there take a look what is happening. There is an accident and one of them dead in the accident. This accident included two Perodua Kancil and few people. I just took a picture for you guys.

The accident scene

       Fortunately, the bus I want to board came and I leave the accident place and heading to my working place. I took a piece of roti canai and a cup of teh tarik as my breakfast. Next, I just straight go to Giant Kelana Jaya hang around. I walk few round inside the Hypermarket. It's too boring and nothing much I just called my Supervisor to guide me, where should I go. Few hours later, I met him and he gave all the materials I needed to serves the customers and teaches me how to handle and introduce the product to customer. After that, he went off. It's my time to prepare the thing to serve customer. This is my first day and I went back home at 8.00p.m++. Tired...

       Unfortunately, it's second day and the bad day because although I went out very early today, but seems the bus don't want to fetch me to the destination. I waited for 2 hours more but the bus didn't come. In my mind, I am just thinking of forgive them, the bus is coming sooner. Finally, the bus didn't come and I took a taxi to the working place and cost me RM6.00. I hate this! It's the reason makes me over budget. I hate it. Besides that, there are no reasons to don't let me bring my handset into the working place. I got my right to bring the handset, I'm not your staff or your promoter. I'm a third party promoter, I want to bring my handset into the working place. Anyways, at last I also cannot bring my phone into the working place, Giant makes such rules and regulations to promoters. I hate it. 

       The last and also the third point, I hate the day is, got two little guys called me as UNCLE! I'm looks like an uncle? It's not true. It's not true! 我接受不了咯. I will forgive you guys because you are still young and don't know how to speak well. The budget of the second day was RM26. So, the budget of two days are RM36. T.T
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