Thursday, 24 March 2011

Start from the basic of me in the camp (30th of July 2010)

       For the first day morning, I woke up from my lovely bed at 6.00a.m. I was very tired but I needs to be rush to go to take my bath in just 15 minutes. These is what I done in the bathroom such as !@#$%^&^%$#@!. Anyways, this was not the interesting part, the interesting parts was when I board the bus at 7.00a.m, a lot of people boarded the bus which included students, worker and others. Fortunately, the bus arrived to the LRT Station and I board a train for 45 minutes to the Wangsa Maju LRT Station. I have to thanks to Edric. He is the one fetching me to the location we have to gather and board the bus to Port Dickson.

       On the way to Port Dickson, we are talking along and try to know each others. The bus took around 2 hours to reach to the destination, that is because the bus driver don't know the way to go to our destination. Unfortunately, we are there, when we first step on the floor after the 2 hours sitting in the car, we felt very nice. That is because of the beautiful hotel view and the beach view. Besides that, I'm haven't take my breakfast and lunch. So, Kang Rong are going to fetch few of our gang to the nearest town to take our lunch. He also told us in Port Dickson got a night market on every Saturday.

       After the lunch, we went back to the hotel and start to register ourself to check in to the room. The first activity that we had, is learns Sorry-sorry steps and Nobody steps to perform in the next day. Then, we are making our dream chart and write down our own dream in a piece of small paper and put it inside a balloon and blow it and tied. That game, I learned how to be serious to handle a matter and protect my dream from others attack. Lastly, the lunch and dinner for the day was nice. I am really appreciate the sharing and talk from Mr. Jecwin.

       Tired Day...
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