Thursday, 24 March 2011

Start from the basic of me in the camp (31th of July 2010)

       Today I woke up at 6.00a.m. I took a cold bath and earlier go to lobby of the hotel and to wait the restaurant to open and eat my breakfast. The breakfast is very nice because I took a lot of food and drinks until my table full with foods. Then, the first activity of the day was start without wearing shoes and we are singing and dancing in the hall. After that, walking in likes a blind people around the hotel by using a black cloth and closed our eyes. At the same time, our legs was tied together and walk around likes a crazy human and my legs was being pulled by a people until my leg was "lebam". Next, we act likes a worm to play a games to test our teamworks and human bridge too. Now my muscle very pain. Besides that, we had undergo a activity which I am feel upset and caused everyone need to do from the beginning to the end again. It's because of me we get second last, but actually we can get first runner up. Next, the activity are testing our  mind set and it is a kind of headache activity which is the PVC paip from a standard height level to the floor. Lastly, the dinner was very nice and I really likes Mr. Eric sharing with us.

       Tired Day again...
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