Thursday, 24 March 2011

This is the continue of the PVC paip activity.

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       This is my opinion among the activity. First of all, in the PVC paip activity I learned it is not easy to manage a team which are everybody talking and no a leader leading us. Remind back to my National Service(NS) time, I had done this activity before and I also got the experiences to do this activity and I success, but why when inside this camp I became so quite and can't think a matter anymore to solve the problem, to let the PVC paip get down on to the floor. Linking to networking, as I said, manage a team is not easy and why my own don't do the best because I am giving myself an excuse to escape from the truth.

       As a leader, we needs to be brave and not easy because we need to do so much of things and handle so many problem to be able to enjoy with colleague and others and together to get a reward. 

       Second, in the body drop from one point to another point, I will said it is really not an easy steps. I actually trying to makes my mind into the activity and I just thinking of my parent because last time I tried this way. They told me money is not easy to get, if we got money, you must keep it for any useful things and don't buy useless things. Next, if we link this to networking, I think that all of us needs to be responsible to ourself and others, I means the mindset, because it will always come together with our face when we feel angry or etc and easy to let people know what we are thinking and our feeling.

       Besides that, if you are holding a thing and please makes sure that hold it tied, because if we are just play with it. It might be causing someone injury.

       As a conclusion, I doesn't really take note in NS, that is because everyone told us NS are for fun and you just need to act it like a fun camp. That is why I didn't make a different. I have to changes my style, my mindset and try to be brave.

       Tired... Money is not easy to earn, but it's easy gone.
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