Friday, 29 April 2011

Hang Out to Time Square.

       It's another day with friends to Times Square and it's also a fun and enjoyable day. We decided to go Times Square to play and karaoke. Since, less people want to play in the Theme Park. So, we are not going to Theme Park anymore and we go to watch a movie called "The Chinese Ghost Story". I think this is not a good movie, because no nice and I slept in the middle of the movie. It's related to a movie which acted by Leslie Chong last time, then now they redirect this movie again. I love those action, romance and meaningful movie, but not these types.


       At the morning, I wake up at 8.00a.m and start my day with my facebook. Next, I go to take my bath, and walk to the bus stop with Patrick and Reuben. Doesn't have drive a car to the LRT station or Kuala Lumpur, because we afraid of traffic jam in Bukit Bintang at 5.00p.m. So, we took until Dang Wangi station and exchange to monorail, to Bukit Bintang Monorail station. It's around 11.00a.m, when we arrived to Bukit Bintang. After that, we straight walk to Times Square to meet with the others in the 老友鬼鬼。I took a mug of porridge, a mug of 油条 and a cup of soya bean。I didn't eat this type of pure porridge since long time ago, feel nice and doesn't feel so much of oil in the morning.


       After the movie, we went to Neway for karaoke. Is so nice to sing and I know what is going on in my voice. T.T

After Karaoke

       Besides that, I went to so much of shop and stall in Times Square. There are no one watch I can found which I like, although I like it but the price are too expensive for me. I decided to search more and more shop to get a cheaper price or another model. Actually, I found a watch in a Vincci outlet in Sungai Wang. Moreover, it's RM59 for each watch. I think I will go to buy it when I got another work. Otherwise, I also needs to buy those normal watch such as RM15 for each.

       Finally, Patrick, Reuben and I went to KL Central to take our dinner. On the way to the food court, we saw a lecturer in our college, which are everyone not like her very much. Next, I took a plate of Chicken Rice. The chicken not so nice, but the sauce was very nice. Then, we took a train again to Taman Pamount and a bus to Sungai Way. Say goodbye to everyone... Sleep...

       I'm waiting for the next trip! ^^ Hurray...

       PD 我来了,Genting 我来了。。。

Time Past So Fast...

       So fast my parent, brother and his GF and relatives already back to Sandakan. I miss them so much and miss the time we spend together in these few days. We hang around to buy things, talk funny story, tiring together and take pictures. I just realize the time past so fast, because when March I called mom and said, so long to wait you all come to Kuala Lumpur. But then now they came to KL and the leave back to Sandakan already. I appreciate every moment in KL here. Thank you... ^^

Continue of the Travel with Family...

       The fun moment is really past so fast. Now we just leave one more day to fun and enjoy in Kuala Lumpur, this big city. I really love to hang out with family because they are too funny and enjoyable with them. I love my family very much. I hope them always be with us in Kuala Lumpur or I can go Sandakan with them go around and play. So, these few days I really feel nice with them. We went to many place to eat and play.

       Besides that, 25 April 2011 morning we went to a restaurant near our hotel to take our breakfast. I think this is the first time, I wake up so early in April 2011. The person served me is very boring and I hate him so much! Because he talk badly to us and he thought us doesn't have money to pay for the bill? We only don't want the two plate of dessert, then no need to serve us badly okay! Damn He! The food is not nice at all and the price  is expensive.

       Next, we went to few shopping mall in Bukit Bintang. All of them bought so much of things, such as 10++ shoes, 10++ shirts and etc. I just try to bring them to the nice shopping mall and go every shopping mall although there are nothing to buy. We are tiring walk to every shopping mall.

       After that, night time, we went to a Thai Restaurant to take our dinner and Dear and I asked the waiter, how to say "Add rice in Thai Language", he told us "Kow Shui Tim Miang". True or False, I'm not sure.

       Finally, we went back to Hotel and take bath. All of us tired, and go to sleep....

Sunday, 24 April 2011

Family visit to KL again in 2011.

       It's a nice news and I want to shopping again. I quite a long times doesn't get a new stuff, that is because no time? No~ That is because I like to consider before purchase a thing and I will take a long time to consider whether I suit this shirt or pant. I will try to get the best stuff that I can and cheap and reliable. Reliable is my concept of purchases. Moreover, I try to don't buy so much of thing, because waste money only. Otherwise, you pay the bill for me.

       After my exam already, I finally can join my family to hang over, shopping, drinking, eating and etc. They seems so long didn't come to Kuala Lumpur but still remember the road. So, not so difficult to bring them to hang around the big city. I'm not sure whether I'm became a city boy or still a Sandakanian boy. It's because I am starting with my new life and became a Kuala Lumpur style boy. I hope this is not the overall of me. I hope I'm still I am who I am. Otherwise, I will be very difference from others in where I came from.

       I hang with family them started from Saturday and first we went to Klang to meet my relatives as she is a captain in the Tai Thong Restaurant. Then, there are so many car in the highway causes us need to changed our plan to another shopping mall to shopping, but before that we decided to Jaya Jusco Bukit Tinggi which is the nice JJ I ever saw in Kuala Lumpur. Next, we went to JJ near Bukit Raja there and Dad bought a Diadora shirt for me, so myself also bought a formal shirt for RM40. The formal shirt actually is RM80 for 1 pair, I bought 1 wear and my elder brother bought another 1. So that we can get discount instead of buying of expensive item. I spend for without thinking these day. I just realize. I need to saves money to marry, to do many things and others.

       Today(Sunday), we went to Genting Highland by two cars. I am amazing with the race and rides from Petaling Jaya to Genting Highland. I first time drive from there to here. I am happy. I thought it is hard to do that, but actually is easy. I drove Kenari and sister BF drove Saga. First we went to strawberry farm to pick the strawberry and taste it and etc. Then, we sent family to Cable Car Station to take Cable Car to Genting Highland and we go by car because the car can't support for so much of people and relatives want to experiences the Cable Car. 30 minutes later, we meet in the lobby of First World Hotel. Besides that, sister BF, brother and I went to carry all the luggage to the room. After that, I had brought them to hang around Genting Highland the starting point until the ended. Now, I really can be a guide of Genting Highland because I knows anywhere in here. Moreover, brother and I had play the Flying Coaster. Both of us really shout until everyone heard it! OMG! Mom said. But both of us damn happy and enjoy when boarding the Flying Coaster.

       Next on will posts on the next post...

*We will going to Bukit Bintang, KLCC and Petaling Street.
*We will experiences many others things
*We will try to eat special food and SHOPPING!

Thursday, 21 April 2011

Pikom PC Fair 2011 April... Session 3

       Finally, the last day, the end of April 2011 PC Fair. I saw so many things which are robber, people, products and any others. I woke up earlier in the morning and start my breakfast and have a cup of coffee. So, then I took a bus and a train to KLCC. I met Cheong K and many others.

       Summary, my sales not much as Mid valley PC Fair and I bought a bag for myself just RM30. haha...

Exam is around the corner.

       Wow... It's time to exam and time to show myself again. What to do? Study study....

Saturday, 16 April 2011

Pikom PC Fair 2011 April... Session 2

       It's second day of PC Fair April 2011. Almost until the end and I need to prepare for my exam. Anyways, today I am wake up earlier than normal, because I am afraid of late take bath and late go out to wait the bus. In the morning, unlucky the sky drop a little droplet of water meaning raining when I am walking to the bus stop. I took 5 minutes to walk and wait the bus for so long and I found that, my watch broken. So, tomorrow I have to wear my daybird brand watch. After that, I took a 35 minutes train from Taman Paramount to KLCC as what I do like the first day but today special because I am listening to music while on the way to work place. I hang around in the Hall 1 to Hall 5, to found something new and good gadget, because maybe I will buy a wireless 3G router and put inside my house.

       Next, 10.30a.m I went to my work place and I saw just a girl sitting at there. I thought there will be many people arrived and I'm the most late, but the actual is both of us is the earliest. Then I just wait and wait for others. 15 minutes later, Mr. Wong came and handle the whole booth. So that, everyone can know what they should do. Then, I just work as usual, selling, promoting, shouting and etc. Until 3.30p.m I'm going to lunch with a girl which is came from kedah.

       Finally, dear came to visit me and we both walking together in the black. I met her family and had a chat. That's all. I should boost up my sales for tomorrow! Jia you...

       Tired... Exam??? Are myself ready??? No.... E~ T.T

Friday, 15 April 2011

Pikom PC Fair 2011 April... Session 1

       It's coming and the PC Fair I'm waiting for so long was already came. I am so excited in the morning and take bath, start to prepare myself to be a good promoter. Then, I follows Helbert to his office and online at there. At that moment, I try to find dear, but ...... what happen is ....... .

       After that, around 9.30a.m I take off from kerinchi to Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre. I arrived to KLCC at 10.10a.m and took a walk to Aquaria just for 5 minutes. It's too fast, I saw so many people walking and talking and changing their cloths.

       Finally, Mr. Wong called me and he gave me the pass. So, I go inside first because he still waiting for others. I saw the booth and quite nice but so creepy and not a good place. The place was too inside and less people will walk into the area. My sales for today, so far so good. I hope tomorrow can do more better. Tired...


Monday, 11 April 2011

Had a hair cut and Pretty Like it!

The Ipoh Chicken Rice at Jalan Gasing

         It's a starting of a week and I have no class on this Monday. I'm invited by my gang to take lunch together and the previous plans is to Mid Valley to eat Sushi, but there are few reasons such as radiation in Japan and etc. So, we are not going to eat sushi anymore and changed to eat Ipoh Chicken Rice at Jalan Gasing and I'm almost faint in the car because the road are so wild to me. The area of the restaurant is almost every restaurant are selling the same recipe, it's just not same boss and named. Besides that, we went to there, and ordered few dishes which are vegetable, pork and chicken rice shop, of course want to order chicken. We took around 45 minutes to finish all the things.

Reuben, Vivian and Kok Ming hair. 

       After that, they went back to college. Dear and I, went to find a hair cut shop to cut my messy hair. I thought the hair cut shop always be ready of hair stylist, but the answer is no. We went to few shops but some are closed and some are no hairstylist. Finally, dear suggest a great shop and the hair stylist is a woman and average body size. She asked me what I want my hair to be. Then I discuss a bit with her. So, the result is I love my new hairstyle. Plus, before I go to cut my hair, I make a punishment to dear, if my hair are not satisfy by me, she need to cut her hair become short. But I love my hairstyle, so she won't get this punishment. 

Taraa My New Hairstyle 11th of April

Stay tuned...

Sunday, 10 April 2011

Preparing for next week! Parent, Bro, His GF and relatives.

       I'm back. I'm back to blogger. I'm came back to write a post and as a record of my life's. 10 more days my parent, brother, his girlfriend and relatives are going to visiting Kuala Lumpur again. This is the first time my relatives visiting KL and my family almost every years come to Kuala Lumpur to visit sister and I. So, every times parent are coming to KL, they will ask "What you all want us to bring from Sandakan?" and we are going to listed out all the things that we want they bring it to us from Sandakan. Sis and I chosen food (50" pieces of Teo Chew Kueh and 30" pieces of San Dong Wo Tiep) and also an accessories. Besides that, today, we went to Bukit Bintang to find a hotel as their accommodation for the travel and it's not so expensive, because there are so many of hotel around the areas and the prices is so competitive. So, we just drag a hotel and pay later on.

       Next, we went to Old Town White Coffee, Low Yat Plaza to eat the famous bread and I drinks the famous Old Town White Coffee, it is just cost us RM3.90. I think this is a reasonable price for the beverage. Then we just pay our time inside the Plaza. I saw so many of offering products. For examples, wireless mouse @ RM19 onwards, touch screen @ RM399 onwards (All is branded), broadband @ RM38 onwards and etc. Few hours later, we are going back without any freebies, purchases and just with the brochures and flyers.

       I'm ready and Examination is coming soon~

Friday, 8 April 2011

Night time, Food time, Dinner time...

~The Dinner~

        What do we needs to consume in our dinner meal? A big fried chicken wing? A big plate of supreme fried rice? I'm took a simple and compact dinner always, my rules is the price must be low and delicious. So, I'm went to try and try and try. It's a kind of funny dishes and names they had. Here are the food that I recommended to you all.

Taman Paramount: Nasi Lemak Kukus (Lemak Rice)

USJ 4: Burger Ayam Special (Special Chicken Burger)

USJ 4: Burger Ayam Special (Special Chicken Burger)

Not perfect presentation, just get 9/10.

       I had done my two presentation in the different days and both I am also not doing well, it's maybe I'm so bother with my lappy in front of the presentation. What do I mean bother with my lappy?. It is because when others presentation, I am not really looking at them and not paying much attention with them. So, they are reacting back to me. Sorry guys and girl. I'm hope that, you are forgiving me from this time. I'm sure that, this is the last time.

       I'm get 9 over 10 in the two presentation that I done in ordinary and no nervous. Nervous sometimes will makes you get lower marks and also makes your brain blank with a reason also. Next, I'm not really prepare well with that, because I thought it is only based on my assignment. So, I had done my assignment and I'm studied all about that when I am doing my researches, but I had a wrong thinking and because of that, I'm not doing well and get this results.

       Finally, the presentation results are recorded into the record book or examination board. Hurray! I can get ready to face my coming examination from now on. I had to study and study. I had to study smart and study hard to what ever the lecturer have taught us in this particular semester. I'm still got some question that I cannot answer, but I will refer back to my lecturer as well as I'm in the college. Thanks...

     That's all for my 9/10 post and have a nice day to your all. I hope you all same as me, Study Smart! Bring raisin as to bring your mind fresh and no sleepy, no curry or spicy food as your breakfast, lunch or dinner too. It will bring you to a lower level of studies. So, get prepare with it and once more hope you all can get good result in this semester.

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Wednesday Lunch Time.

       It's time to have lunch together again. We are one big family. I am not tired at all and I am eating curry chicken mixed rice again. I'm loving it. I want to buy curry chicken as my dinner too! But why not every curry chicken was nice as this? Curry dishes are easy to finding by us. But why....

       Next, we very lucky today, because the Wood Noodle(Pan Mee) boss gave us a bowl of meat balls for Free! He knows Vivian will stole those meat ball from those whom eat Pan Mee. Thank you boss~

       Lastly, I will writing a new blog post sooner. Below are photos that we took before to go to lunch in the college.



Vivian is singing~

Kok Ming at the back~


Tuesday, 5 April 2011

This is the first and the last time I go there to take my dinner!

       I'm back to type a blog post again. I'm tired yesterday. At the morning, Patrick and I went to swimming. Then we went to college to join a trip to IBM.I put my phone on silent mode, but that's because I doesn't changes it back after the talk in IBM. When the time I get back home, I rest a while and went to bath, then I went to sleep until night. I'm feel good and hungry. So, we went to somewhere near but actually is very far to take our dinner, plus the dinner was so expensive and not nice at all. Luckily, I'm doesn't went into hospital or often go into the toilet. If not, I am going to give you a lawyer letter. Opz... Kidding...

       First of all, I had learn a lot of things in the IBM trip, as what I said, a lot of things such as whom is the first person to create Personal Computer, when is the date they born, when is the Republic of China launch the IBM, the partner brand of IBM, the technology of IBM and many others. IBM is a great and huge company and known as International Business Machines. They are mostly created for business usage is either government, personally company or etc, nor for end user. IBM got two basis rules such as "good guy in and bad guy out" and "keep it simple". Thank you...

       So, here is the short video we saw in the talk and introduction about IBM by Mr.Mickey.

       Lastly, we went to a place to take our dinner. I search for about 1 hour just found a place to sit and eat. Plus, there are no nice food and no everything. It's just small stall selling daily uses or Malay stall. That's all... Have a nice day.

Monday, 4 April 2011

Asia Cafe with relatives and friends.

I went to Asia Cafe to take my dinner with relatives and friends.
They are so nice and the two little children took my phone and start to play with it.
I doesn't realized they are so interesting of it.
It's until after I went to ordered my Chicken Rice.
They are still playing with it.
So, sis help me to get back my phone from their hand and they are just going to order their food.
I ate so much and full on last Sunday.
After that, I went back home and there was too dark in my house.
Because we doesn't turn on the light.
So, he is rushing me to pack all the things and we went off.
It's nice and pretty nice because the condominium is so nice!
I love it so much...
I changed my mind on doing decision to buy a house.
That's all for the post.

Here are some of the photo:

Saturday, 2 April 2011

The Family Hang Out!

Outing second of April 2011

       First of all, I'm here to say hallo to all of you and have a nice day. Today is either Saturday or Sunday nor Friday? I am confusing by the feel that I get in the day. In the earlier of the morning I woke up at 8.30a.m, that is because sister asked me to fetch her to go work. I took 5 minutes to prepare myself such as comb my messy hair, brush teeth and etc. Next, I fetched sister to workplace. I straight go back home and get ready myself to go to Saturday class which is Business Mathematics. The lecturer are very funny because she is from India and she is speaking in Indian slang, not the same as Malaysian slang. I'm sorry, because say you funny. 

       Besides that, when the time I reached to college, I went to second floor and I just realized today is Olympia College Petaling Jaya Open Day and the entrance was too small. I shocked and faster call Eunice "Where is the class?". After that, we went to sixth floor and wait, while we are waiting. We went to lab to play PC because the class haven't started yet. At the same time, Sherman sent me a short message through phone and told me, he is stuck in the traffic jam. I just tell him be patient. 

       Then, Dear, Kok Ming, Vivian met me and I'm not free because the class are going to start soon. Unfortunately, they are no more patient to waiting me to go Mid Valley. They are going by Vivian car and watched a movie. I didn't know what's going inside the cinema and I heard someone are crying when watching the movie. Kok Ming! Why so sad? 

       1.30 o'clock, I met Dear in the bowling center, I want to play, I want to play! Who can bring me to play? Patrick! Banting Bowling Center! I want to play! I am missing the winning and losing or miss feeling. So, we regroup and we are going to take our lunch together at KFC lower ground floor of Mid Valley. 

       Play Play Play... Drink Drink Drink.... Eat Eat Eat.....

       Finally, our Vivian want to go back home to sent take away KFC set lunch to her mother. Kok Ming, Dear and I still stay in the shopping mall for 30 minutes. After that, we are going back home. I went back to college to get my car and then go back home. On the way, suddenly the guy sent me a message and ask am I with dear now. Of course, I with her. Then, say he will kill me, if I see what he message with dear. Come and kill me! kidding bah... Patrick! Milo Ice! I have fun today! 

Next is the photos of the day:

Kok Ming~


The Couple~ Kary and I




Kok Ming jealous face~ Vivian act cute face~

Kary Lee~

Antony Lim~

In the LRT~

Beh Song Face~

Act Cool~

Here is the link to the whole album: Click Here

Have a nice day and take care...

The April Fool's 2011.

       It's a kind of funny day in this year. Do you know? April Fool? 愚人节? This is the first time, I had fun with college mates and my dear. I pretty happy to have fun with them, especially they are changed their profile picture into mine. As this:
Created by KaryLee
       First of all, at 11.00p.m, 31 March 2011. I heard everyone talking about April Fool and April Fool. So, I have to be caution anytime. But I always failed, because they are extremely professional in playing people. At 12.00a.m, the first person fool me. I'm get played more than 10 times in only one day! It's kind of record and I just played 3 people and 4 people failed. No need to specify the person name because they will bite me, if I tell anyone on internet. Next, I'm went to college today for a revision class conduct by Mr. Conrad. He is our god in our college. Although, he is a god, but he became devil in the morning and played a little girl called as Eunice. Bad Lecturer, bad boy, she is bad boy, opz... he not she. Hahha...

       Besides that, he wrote 30 questions for us to do, but he is a genius and any questions that he gave almost 99% came out in the exams. So, what we have to do is, do all the revision question and appreciate his effort for us. When I finished the 30 questions, we are going to play Counter Strike instead of doing other things. I know I'm a Noob, but don't always Aim my Head! Don't Head Shot Me please... I'm die more than survive today. If not Sherman and Patrick, I die more than the recent results. What to do? I'm Noob.

       Fortunately, everyone came to find me and plan to go to lunch. Our gang, We are one big family. At that moment, I get fool above than 5 times. Wth... opz no rude words okay. Gang, here no Raymond Lam concert bah "Let get Wet", why you are pouring water on me? I'm wet, I am really wet! At the car parking, Vivian took Sherman car key and they thought sherman car park on the ground floor, but actually the car is parking at the lower ground floor. They unsuccessful to find the car and they should carry all the heavy things to the Ali Bawal Food Court. Otherwise, they are going to "Liong Sau fing Fing" go to Ali Bawal Food Court. 

      Few minutes later, we arrived to the food court. I shows them JJ Yap pretty voice to everyone. This is a recommended voice clip, we have to changes our recent ringtones to JJ Yap voice clip, is fantastic! We took half an hour to completed our lunch and going back to college. Somebody are going to class, somebody are going to home and etc.

       Zzzz.... Zzzz.... Zzzzzz.... ZZZzzzzzzzzz....

        At 8.30p.m, I just woke up from my bed. It's still April Fool. So,Kary Lee, dear recommend an idea to me to fool others. I had agreed and took a picture from her to be the profile picture as an April Fool's profile picture. Few minutes later, dear changed her profile picture to my picture and that time, I already confuse and which is me and which is dear. More a while, she changed name too. Then, I'm totally blur and just can do guess which is mine and which is her. This is not the most interest part, the most interest part is 30 minutes later, Alex came in and he changed his name and profile picture as mine. OMG! 3 people using the same profile picture and name, and post in the same wall. I'm the Original. Don't believe with others. I'm Original. We really had fun and trying to confuse others as well. I can tell you all, we are successful to fool others.

       Here are some of the picture:

The message I sent to everyone" You're 38 38 38 38 38 38..."

The Ended of April Fool's 2011

Which is the Original?

I'm the Original!

The Fake Relationship and everyone get fool! Haiz... T.T

3 of us got the same name and same profile picture.

Everything is "Antony Lim", first time ever.

       Here is the link of all the PrintScreen: Click Here

       Finally, the April Fool's 2011 ended in peacefully and I hope you guys have fun with me. Good Night...

        The Technique they are using to fool people and mine's technique.

        Patrick: Fake Relationship, Missing Hard Disk & Missing Wallet
        JJ Yap: Someone gonna scare you.
        Yu Tan: Some one used your picture.
        Kok Ming: Play water!
        Reuben: Doesn't go to college.
        Vivian: Car Key
        Sherman: You drop your thing on the floor.
        Dear: Why your backside wet already? & Missing Wallet
        Eunice: Why your shirt?
        Vimal: Antony, take you pendrive, it is plug-in at the computer.
        Naga: See your backside.

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