Saturday, 2 April 2011

The April Fool's 2011.

       It's a kind of funny day in this year. Do you know? April Fool? 愚人节? This is the first time, I had fun with college mates and my dear. I pretty happy to have fun with them, especially they are changed their profile picture into mine. As this:
Created by KaryLee
       First of all, at 11.00p.m, 31 March 2011. I heard everyone talking about April Fool and April Fool. So, I have to be caution anytime. But I always failed, because they are extremely professional in playing people. At 12.00a.m, the first person fool me. I'm get played more than 10 times in only one day! It's kind of record and I just played 3 people and 4 people failed. No need to specify the person name because they will bite me, if I tell anyone on internet. Next, I'm went to college today for a revision class conduct by Mr. Conrad. He is our god in our college. Although, he is a god, but he became devil in the morning and played a little girl called as Eunice. Bad Lecturer, bad boy, she is bad boy, opz... he not she. Hahha...

       Besides that, he wrote 30 questions for us to do, but he is a genius and any questions that he gave almost 99% came out in the exams. So, what we have to do is, do all the revision question and appreciate his effort for us. When I finished the 30 questions, we are going to play Counter Strike instead of doing other things. I know I'm a Noob, but don't always Aim my Head! Don't Head Shot Me please... I'm die more than survive today. If not Sherman and Patrick, I die more than the recent results. What to do? I'm Noob.

       Fortunately, everyone came to find me and plan to go to lunch. Our gang, We are one big family. At that moment, I get fool above than 5 times. Wth... opz no rude words okay. Gang, here no Raymond Lam concert bah "Let get Wet", why you are pouring water on me? I'm wet, I am really wet! At the car parking, Vivian took Sherman car key and they thought sherman car park on the ground floor, but actually the car is parking at the lower ground floor. They unsuccessful to find the car and they should carry all the heavy things to the Ali Bawal Food Court. Otherwise, they are going to "Liong Sau fing Fing" go to Ali Bawal Food Court. 

      Few minutes later, we arrived to the food court. I shows them JJ Yap pretty voice to everyone. This is a recommended voice clip, we have to changes our recent ringtones to JJ Yap voice clip, is fantastic! We took half an hour to completed our lunch and going back to college. Somebody are going to class, somebody are going to home and etc.

       Zzzz.... Zzzz.... Zzzzzz.... ZZZzzzzzzzzz....

        At 8.30p.m, I just woke up from my bed. It's still April Fool. So,Kary Lee, dear recommend an idea to me to fool others. I had agreed and took a picture from her to be the profile picture as an April Fool's profile picture. Few minutes later, dear changed her profile picture to my picture and that time, I already confuse and which is me and which is dear. More a while, she changed name too. Then, I'm totally blur and just can do guess which is mine and which is her. This is not the most interest part, the most interest part is 30 minutes later, Alex came in and he changed his name and profile picture as mine. OMG! 3 people using the same profile picture and name, and post in the same wall. I'm the Original. Don't believe with others. I'm Original. We really had fun and trying to confuse others as well. I can tell you all, we are successful to fool others.

       Here are some of the picture:

The message I sent to everyone" You're 38 38 38 38 38 38..."

The Ended of April Fool's 2011

Which is the Original?

I'm the Original!

The Fake Relationship and everyone get fool! Haiz... T.T

3 of us got the same name and same profile picture.

Everything is "Antony Lim", first time ever.

       Here is the link of all the PrintScreen: Click Here

       Finally, the April Fool's 2011 ended in peacefully and I hope you guys have fun with me. Good Night...

        The Technique they are using to fool people and mine's technique.

        Patrick: Fake Relationship, Missing Hard Disk & Missing Wallet
        JJ Yap: Someone gonna scare you.
        Yu Tan: Some one used your picture.
        Kok Ming: Play water!
        Reuben: Doesn't go to college.
        Vivian: Car Key
        Sherman: You drop your thing on the floor.
        Dear: Why your backside wet already? & Missing Wallet
        Eunice: Why your shirt?
        Vimal: Antony, take you pendrive, it is plug-in at the computer.
        Naga: See your backside.

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