Friday, 29 April 2011

Continue of the Travel with Family...

       The fun moment is really past so fast. Now we just leave one more day to fun and enjoy in Kuala Lumpur, this big city. I really love to hang out with family because they are too funny and enjoyable with them. I love my family very much. I hope them always be with us in Kuala Lumpur or I can go Sandakan with them go around and play. So, these few days I really feel nice with them. We went to many place to eat and play.

       Besides that, 25 April 2011 morning we went to a restaurant near our hotel to take our breakfast. I think this is the first time, I wake up so early in April 2011. The person served me is very boring and I hate him so much! Because he talk badly to us and he thought us doesn't have money to pay for the bill? We only don't want the two plate of dessert, then no need to serve us badly okay! Damn He! The food is not nice at all and the price  is expensive.

       Next, we went to few shopping mall in Bukit Bintang. All of them bought so much of things, such as 10++ shoes, 10++ shirts and etc. I just try to bring them to the nice shopping mall and go every shopping mall although there are nothing to buy. We are tiring walk to every shopping mall.

       After that, night time, we went to a Thai Restaurant to take our dinner and Dear and I asked the waiter, how to say "Add rice in Thai Language", he told us "Kow Shui Tim Miang". True or False, I'm not sure.

       Finally, we went back to Hotel and take bath. All of us tired, and go to sleep....
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