Saturday, 2 April 2011

The Family Hang Out!

Outing second of April 2011

       First of all, I'm here to say hallo to all of you and have a nice day. Today is either Saturday or Sunday nor Friday? I am confusing by the feel that I get in the day. In the earlier of the morning I woke up at 8.30a.m, that is because sister asked me to fetch her to go work. I took 5 minutes to prepare myself such as comb my messy hair, brush teeth and etc. Next, I fetched sister to workplace. I straight go back home and get ready myself to go to Saturday class which is Business Mathematics. The lecturer are very funny because she is from India and she is speaking in Indian slang, not the same as Malaysian slang. I'm sorry, because say you funny. 

       Besides that, when the time I reached to college, I went to second floor and I just realized today is Olympia College Petaling Jaya Open Day and the entrance was too small. I shocked and faster call Eunice "Where is the class?". After that, we went to sixth floor and wait, while we are waiting. We went to lab to play PC because the class haven't started yet. At the same time, Sherman sent me a short message through phone and told me, he is stuck in the traffic jam. I just tell him be patient. 

       Then, Dear, Kok Ming, Vivian met me and I'm not free because the class are going to start soon. Unfortunately, they are no more patient to waiting me to go Mid Valley. They are going by Vivian car and watched a movie. I didn't know what's going inside the cinema and I heard someone are crying when watching the movie. Kok Ming! Why so sad? 

       1.30 o'clock, I met Dear in the bowling center, I want to play, I want to play! Who can bring me to play? Patrick! Banting Bowling Center! I want to play! I am missing the winning and losing or miss feeling. So, we regroup and we are going to take our lunch together at KFC lower ground floor of Mid Valley. 

       Play Play Play... Drink Drink Drink.... Eat Eat Eat.....

       Finally, our Vivian want to go back home to sent take away KFC set lunch to her mother. Kok Ming, Dear and I still stay in the shopping mall for 30 minutes. After that, we are going back home. I went back to college to get my car and then go back home. On the way, suddenly the guy sent me a message and ask am I with dear now. Of course, I with her. Then, say he will kill me, if I see what he message with dear. Come and kill me! kidding bah... Patrick! Milo Ice! I have fun today! 

Next is the photos of the day:

Kok Ming~


The Couple~ Kary and I




Kok Ming jealous face~ Vivian act cute face~

Kary Lee~

Antony Lim~

In the LRT~

Beh Song Face~

Act Cool~

Here is the link to the whole album: Click Here

Have a nice day and take care...
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