Sunday, 24 April 2011

Family visit to KL again in 2011.

       It's a nice news and I want to shopping again. I quite a long times doesn't get a new stuff, that is because no time? No~ That is because I like to consider before purchase a thing and I will take a long time to consider whether I suit this shirt or pant. I will try to get the best stuff that I can and cheap and reliable. Reliable is my concept of purchases. Moreover, I try to don't buy so much of thing, because waste money only. Otherwise, you pay the bill for me.

       After my exam already, I finally can join my family to hang over, shopping, drinking, eating and etc. They seems so long didn't come to Kuala Lumpur but still remember the road. So, not so difficult to bring them to hang around the big city. I'm not sure whether I'm became a city boy or still a Sandakanian boy. It's because I am starting with my new life and became a Kuala Lumpur style boy. I hope this is not the overall of me. I hope I'm still I am who I am. Otherwise, I will be very difference from others in where I came from.

       I hang with family them started from Saturday and first we went to Klang to meet my relatives as she is a captain in the Tai Thong Restaurant. Then, there are so many car in the highway causes us need to changed our plan to another shopping mall to shopping, but before that we decided to Jaya Jusco Bukit Tinggi which is the nice JJ I ever saw in Kuala Lumpur. Next, we went to JJ near Bukit Raja there and Dad bought a Diadora shirt for me, so myself also bought a formal shirt for RM40. The formal shirt actually is RM80 for 1 pair, I bought 1 wear and my elder brother bought another 1. So that we can get discount instead of buying of expensive item. I spend for without thinking these day. I just realize. I need to saves money to marry, to do many things and others.

       Today(Sunday), we went to Genting Highland by two cars. I am amazing with the race and rides from Petaling Jaya to Genting Highland. I first time drive from there to here. I am happy. I thought it is hard to do that, but actually is easy. I drove Kenari and sister BF drove Saga. First we went to strawberry farm to pick the strawberry and taste it and etc. Then, we sent family to Cable Car Station to take Cable Car to Genting Highland and we go by car because the car can't support for so much of people and relatives want to experiences the Cable Car. 30 minutes later, we meet in the lobby of First World Hotel. Besides that, sister BF, brother and I went to carry all the luggage to the room. After that, I had brought them to hang around Genting Highland the starting point until the ended. Now, I really can be a guide of Genting Highland because I knows anywhere in here. Moreover, brother and I had play the Flying Coaster. Both of us really shout until everyone heard it! OMG! Mom said. But both of us damn happy and enjoy when boarding the Flying Coaster.

       Next on will posts on the next post...

*We will going to Bukit Bintang, KLCC and Petaling Street.
*We will experiences many others things
*We will try to eat special food and SHOPPING!
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