Monday, 11 April 2011

Had a hair cut and Pretty Like it!

The Ipoh Chicken Rice at Jalan Gasing

         It's a starting of a week and I have no class on this Monday. I'm invited by my gang to take lunch together and the previous plans is to Mid Valley to eat Sushi, but there are few reasons such as radiation in Japan and etc. So, we are not going to eat sushi anymore and changed to eat Ipoh Chicken Rice at Jalan Gasing and I'm almost faint in the car because the road are so wild to me. The area of the restaurant is almost every restaurant are selling the same recipe, it's just not same boss and named. Besides that, we went to there, and ordered few dishes which are vegetable, pork and chicken rice shop, of course want to order chicken. We took around 45 minutes to finish all the things.

Reuben, Vivian and Kok Ming hair. 

       After that, they went back to college. Dear and I, went to find a hair cut shop to cut my messy hair. I thought the hair cut shop always be ready of hair stylist, but the answer is no. We went to few shops but some are closed and some are no hairstylist. Finally, dear suggest a great shop and the hair stylist is a woman and average body size. She asked me what I want my hair to be. Then I discuss a bit with her. So, the result is I love my new hairstyle. Plus, before I go to cut my hair, I make a punishment to dear, if my hair are not satisfy by me, she need to cut her hair become short. But I love my hairstyle, so she won't get this punishment. 

Taraa My New Hairstyle 11th of April

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