Friday, 29 April 2011

Hang Out to Time Square.

       It's another day with friends to Times Square and it's also a fun and enjoyable day. We decided to go Times Square to play and karaoke. Since, less people want to play in the Theme Park. So, we are not going to Theme Park anymore and we go to watch a movie called "The Chinese Ghost Story". I think this is not a good movie, because no nice and I slept in the middle of the movie. It's related to a movie which acted by Leslie Chong last time, then now they redirect this movie again. I love those action, romance and meaningful movie, but not these types.


       At the morning, I wake up at 8.00a.m and start my day with my facebook. Next, I go to take my bath, and walk to the bus stop with Patrick and Reuben. Doesn't have drive a car to the LRT station or Kuala Lumpur, because we afraid of traffic jam in Bukit Bintang at 5.00p.m. So, we took until Dang Wangi station and exchange to monorail, to Bukit Bintang Monorail station. It's around 11.00a.m, when we arrived to Bukit Bintang. After that, we straight walk to Times Square to meet with the others in the 老友鬼鬼。I took a mug of porridge, a mug of 油条 and a cup of soya bean。I didn't eat this type of pure porridge since long time ago, feel nice and doesn't feel so much of oil in the morning.


       After the movie, we went to Neway for karaoke. Is so nice to sing and I know what is going on in my voice. T.T

After Karaoke

       Besides that, I went to so much of shop and stall in Times Square. There are no one watch I can found which I like, although I like it but the price are too expensive for me. I decided to search more and more shop to get a cheaper price or another model. Actually, I found a watch in a Vincci outlet in Sungai Wang. Moreover, it's RM59 for each watch. I think I will go to buy it when I got another work. Otherwise, I also needs to buy those normal watch such as RM15 for each.

       Finally, Patrick, Reuben and I went to KL Central to take our dinner. On the way to the food court, we saw a lecturer in our college, which are everyone not like her very much. Next, I took a plate of Chicken Rice. The chicken not so nice, but the sauce was very nice. Then, we took a train again to Taman Pamount and a bus to Sungai Way. Say goodbye to everyone... Sleep...

       I'm waiting for the next trip! ^^ Hurray...

       PD 我来了,Genting 我来了。。。
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