Friday, 8 April 2011

Not perfect presentation, just get 9/10.

       I had done my two presentation in the different days and both I am also not doing well, it's maybe I'm so bother with my lappy in front of the presentation. What do I mean bother with my lappy?. It is because when others presentation, I am not really looking at them and not paying much attention with them. So, they are reacting back to me. Sorry guys and girl. I'm hope that, you are forgiving me from this time. I'm sure that, this is the last time.

       I'm get 9 over 10 in the two presentation that I done in ordinary and no nervous. Nervous sometimes will makes you get lower marks and also makes your brain blank with a reason also. Next, I'm not really prepare well with that, because I thought it is only based on my assignment. So, I had done my assignment and I'm studied all about that when I am doing my researches, but I had a wrong thinking and because of that, I'm not doing well and get this results.

       Finally, the presentation results are recorded into the record book or examination board. Hurray! I can get ready to face my coming examination from now on. I had to study and study. I had to study smart and study hard to what ever the lecturer have taught us in this particular semester. I'm still got some question that I cannot answer, but I will refer back to my lecturer as well as I'm in the college. Thanks...

     That's all for my 9/10 post and have a nice day to your all. I hope you all same as me, Study Smart! Bring raisin as to bring your mind fresh and no sleepy, no curry or spicy food as your breakfast, lunch or dinner too. It will bring you to a lower level of studies. So, get prepare with it and once more hope you all can get good result in this semester.
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