Saturday, 16 April 2011

Pikom PC Fair 2011 April... Session 2

       It's second day of PC Fair April 2011. Almost until the end and I need to prepare for my exam. Anyways, today I am wake up earlier than normal, because I am afraid of late take bath and late go out to wait the bus. In the morning, unlucky the sky drop a little droplet of water meaning raining when I am walking to the bus stop. I took 5 minutes to walk and wait the bus for so long and I found that, my watch broken. So, tomorrow I have to wear my daybird brand watch. After that, I took a 35 minutes train from Taman Paramount to KLCC as what I do like the first day but today special because I am listening to music while on the way to work place. I hang around in the Hall 1 to Hall 5, to found something new and good gadget, because maybe I will buy a wireless 3G router and put inside my house.

       Next, 10.30a.m I went to my work place and I saw just a girl sitting at there. I thought there will be many people arrived and I'm the most late, but the actual is both of us is the earliest. Then I just wait and wait for others. 15 minutes later, Mr. Wong came and handle the whole booth. So that, everyone can know what they should do. Then, I just work as usual, selling, promoting, shouting and etc. Until 3.30p.m I'm going to lunch with a girl which is came from kedah.

       Finally, dear came to visit me and we both walking together in the black. I met her family and had a chat. That's all. I should boost up my sales for tomorrow! Jia you...

       Tired... Exam??? Are myself ready??? No.... E~ T.T
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