Tuesday, 31 May 2011


       Hello, to all my blog viewer and reader. I want to know "What is going on now?". I felt something bad and it is something like going to be negative. I don't like this type of feeling and what should I do for avoid from this. I am blurring. Because I have no idea about how to changes it. Can someone to help me? 

       当我一个人,孤单的听歌. 我会到很多东西. 因为,每次我自己都会问自己,这样做是对的还是错的. 结果,就变成这样... 

Himpunan Sejuta Belia 2011

       I'm just finished to work in the PC Fair which is organized by government as a event to gather the youth in Malaysia. There are "people mountain people sea" at Putrajaya these 3 days and I got a new experiences through this event, it is nice and fresh. But, I am not satisfy with the total sales of 3 days and the weather was too hot, it is not good for hanging around. 

Lastly, Happy Holiday for Sabahan Sarawakian and Bruneian...
...Kotobian Tadau Tagazo Do Kaamatan...

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

5X5.2+3.2000+11 equal to 25.5.2011

       A special day, I am not having any class but I go to college to meet friends. Moreover, actually we have a meeting which is organizes by our college Student Council Club. But seems they are not giving any respond to us, so we are going to lunch earlier and we went Section 14 by our Super Car(Reuben's car). Besides that, I miss a day with them to lunch and they went to Kentucky Fried Chicken to take their oily lunch. On the way to Section 14, Vivian are kept screaming because Reuben drives so fast and "Potong sini dan sana". Few minutes later we arrived to the destination and he drift in the car park. He make me can't carry well of my camera and I am hungry. So, we just let the heavy things left in the car because the car just in front of the security hut and then we are walking to the vegetarian stall to take our pure lunch. It is not "Cho 1 or 15", it is only "Cho 23". 

       After that, we are going to accompany Reuben to Digital Mall Section 14 to get back his lovely Razer Naga mouse, it is a extreme good mouse for those play "Dota". Fortunately, he get it and he is so happy because the warranty is not repair but gave him a brand new mouse back to him. So, he can enjoy his "Dota" life again with his wonderland mood. 哈哈... The time is sorting because beside Vivian and I, others have a class at the afternoon, 2.00pm. What to do? We running as fast as possible to get into the car. On the way, friends get into the lift but Patrick and I can't get into the same lift with them because it is fulled. Damn!!! Makes Patrick and I need to climb staircase to the second floor to meet them. Haiz...

       We reach college and they are going to their class, but Vivian and I stay inside the library to wait them finish classes. Unfortunately, a anonymous came and sitting beside Vivian and he want to borrow her lappy to on Facebook. So, she lent to him and he sitting with at lot of question and etc. Next, Patrick and Reuben came out from the class, but not because of end class is just because Patrick lappy out of battery and he want to borrow my lappy to access on the exercise that his lecturer gave to him. =.= 

       Finally, all of them ended classes. But that is not the end of our day because we are going to have a high tea at Secret Recipe. We bought 5 slices of difference types of cake and we sat there for 1 hour. We took a lot of picture and we taste so many tasty cakes. So, I really happy today although the meeting cancel but I ate so many nice foods and cakes, and I'm the victim in the lift. I will remember these... E~ Thank you...

       If want to view the picture just click the link beside this sentence. (Smile Always)

L.I.F.E stand for?

       We call it life, We call it is suffering, We call it wonderful, We call it upset, We call it enjoyable, We call it is boring, We call it is amazing, We call it is nothing special, We call it is treasuring, We also call it is inspire. But we are always asking ourself why I am so suffer, why I am so upset, why I am so boring, why I am so lonely, why I am so no special. 

       I think this is very confusing and irritating emotional. It's also caused so many people do some different from normal such as end their pretty life, drinks alcoholic and driving, drinks harm drink and etc. I hope you are not the one who so bad likes those whose did this. You are really different from other because you know how to think wisely and I tell you honestly, life as we know it is suffer but we know how to be patient and be calm down when we are suffering from sick, upset and others emotion. We are the most lucky in the world.

       Anyways, blow here blow there, went here and went there. I means we saw so much of people and so much of people characteristic. We cannot judge a person by their appearance. So, so...

       Lastly, L.I.F.E stand for Life Infinity of Fun and Enjoyment. ^^

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

I don't like Monday.

     I am going to be crazy, to dieing, to down and to getting older. It is because so many things that I should do on this pretty week. First and foremost, my bank account suddenly credit certain amount from anonymous department, at the same timing they debited to another department. So, is it a wrong bank in or system error. But there are still got RM100 left in my account. I think this is something I had apply last year April. Since April 2010 I wait PTPTN until today. I heard my friend say PTPTN is "Pei Di Pei Di Nei"(Cantonese). It's true. At the last, it came to my account after I went to CIMB Bank, Section 14 today. I am happy and enjoy the money that I wait for long time.

       Next, Airasia are doing promotion from 23rd of May until 29th of May, if I not mistaken. Airasia always do promotion in such good moment but it is always got many problem held on it. Helbert, just said ask Airasia to improve their system. I think this is really true because they are going to lost many customer heart, if the system still the same.

       Finally, so... so....

Sunday, 22 May 2011

Nice Saturday

       It's another day for me to work at Giant Kelana Jaya. I am so enjoying the work. Nice! Moreover, I feel boring at home when I reach home at the night. I heard people said 21st of May is dooms day, but there are nothing happen and I am still alive on 22nd of May. Nerd! We all lied by the person whom said this to the public. Damn it! Anyways, I hope this thing won't happens forever and ever. Thanks.

Friday, 20 May 2011

A Friday Random Plan.

       I'm back. Today I went to college for no class. Actually, I am going to college for my school fees problem. There are so much of question marks on my head which makes me stress and tension. So, I decide to go to college to see how is it. 

       Before that, I am going to take lunch with friends at Alibawal Food Court and I meet them at college. When I arrived, I saw Vivian are wearing so beach-ing feel, because she is wearing sleeveless shirt and she get bullied by Patrick, Reuben and I. We are continuous "Tan" her. I also saw a friend which I long time doesn't meet him, he is Nigel. Nice to meet you again and he is still the same, talkative guy. 

       We all ate vegetarian food and I add on 5 or 6 pieces of Planta Cornflake Chicken. It is nice and expensive. It cost me for RM6. Then we are going back to college and I go settle my things, then they are going to attend a class at A08, 6th floor. Unfortunately, there are no chairs and no tables inside the room. Next, when I finished settle my things at the second floor, then I go back to 6th floor. Opz, there are so many people at the 6th floor and suddenly Vivian ask me want to go watch movie or not? Want or not? So, I ask what movie are showing now? and she said "Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides". Then all agreed, so I open my GSC account and buy 5 tickets of the movie. There is a sudden accident when I buy ticket, because this is my first time doing online buy movie ticket. It is I forget to see the code that we need to show to the counter when we want to get the tickets. Damn... Anyways, we found the code by another way. Thanks god... haha

       Wait what? Go to Mid Valley to watch movie. (But actually Vivian, Patrick and Reuben got class.) You 3 people escape from the class. Oh!!! Nah!!! Nah!!! This is the first class of the subject, you all are escaping from the class. No good, no good. Back to my story, I follows Vivian car and we are the first car going to Mid Valley, but at the end, we are the last people arrive to cinema. =.= aiyoyo... Next, we meet them in front of the 3rd floor Mac Donald's restaurant and go to buy drinks. So is time to go into the Hall 4 to watch 3D movie. This is my first time of watching 3D movie and it makes me dizzy. I hope this is only for the first time effect of watch 3D movie. At the advertisement period, I saw a movie, I want to watch it! Guess what is the movie? I know you and I want to watch it. I heard it will releases on July. So, be prepare and saves money to watch it. 

       Finally, I watched this movie and I not really like it. It's showing the style of pirate. The end of the movie is Jack Sparrow leave the girl stay on the island. Oh, sad... because the girl will suffer and no food to eat. Next, all of us (Vivian, Patrick, Reuben, Koo and I) felt cold which already became ice cream, I think they switch the temperature of the air conditional below then 20 degree Celsius. Then, Koo the first go back home and 4 of us went to toilet to reduce our body temperature, anyways no uses at all. Otherwise, we go to car park because the car park so warms. So, I go back home by Patrick car and others go back home by their own car. This is my random planning day. What do you think? Nice right?

Here are some of the pictures and explanation:
((When we arrived Mid Valley Megamall))

((When the two kenari meet, Reuben been catch inside the picture))

((When others purchasing drinks, Patrick showing the tickets))

((The tickets of Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides))

((The natural picture and also the special photo of the day))

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Mc Donald's doing promotion again!

Print this coupon out and redeem it at any MacDonald's restaurant. Terms and Conditions are applied.

It's another times of promotion of MacDonald's.
I'm loving it.
I can get a FREE MCCHICKEN when I purchase a MCCHICKEN.
So, wait what? Go Mac Donald's to get it with this coupon.

If you ask me "What happens?".

       It's a good question. It's a normal question. It's a important question. So, it is about what? I am now being so not important and my feeling is not in clear. What do it means? Clear is clarify of my mind toward a thing. I never know about it, I think this is transparent and everyone know it, but actually it is not. Because you are asking me "What happen?". I will tell you nothing and I'm okay. This is because I'm really not suitable for she. Thanks.

Wesak Day (卫塞节)

As a Buddhist religion of me.

I should practice tolerance whenever I am.

Namo Amitabha...

南無 阿彌陀佛...

Wesak Day equally to Malaysian Holiday...

We having a great day to go pray and calm down ourself from the busy lifestyle for a while.

As we living in this busy environment, we need to have some time to relax and take a break.

So, what should we do in this so enlightening day?

First we should take a relax bath to start our day.

Because if we doesn't take a bath, our body still lives with bacteria and dead skin.

It's better to take a bath in the morning.

Second, we have to go to temple pray for good wealth, health and etc.

Believe that god bring prosperity and luck to us.

Third, we have to be vegetarian.

But I didn't follow this rules, sorry...

Actually, be a vegetarian is good and healthy.

Because we are eating vegetables which are high in vitamin and egg which is high in protein.

Finally, I hope you all, have a nice day...

Smile Always...

Namo Amitabha...

Monday, 16 May 2011

Friendship (友谊)College mates


We went to Genting Highland together...

:) To Swimming, To MakeUp, To eat Maggi, To play Badminton, To Steamboat...

We went to Port Dickson together...

:) To Bowling, To BBQ, To Swimming, To drink Alcoholic, To beach, To Giant play volleyball...

We went to College together...

:) To MamakStall, To smell FatGou, To Alibawal, To chinese restaurant and Vivian steal MeatBall...

^^ Because of you all, I know what is college life. ^^

^^ Because of you all, I learn what is friendship. ^^

^^ Because of you all, the force to force me to the limit is still there to push me up. ^^

^^ Because of you all, I am being confident in every things. ^^

^^ Because of you all... ^^

yan wai nei dei, ngor em mui hui lam mat yeh hai ga yi.

yan wai nei dei, ngor mui yat chi tong nei dei chut gai ngor dou vui hou hoi sam.


<< Vivian, Patrick, Yu Tan, JJ, Sherman, Kary, Alex, Reuben, Kok Ming >>


...ngor hei mong ha yat gor trip fai fai loi lam...

by 安东尼. (Ang Dou Nei)

Just finish this weekend job.

       I'm happy and tired as I work as a sampling promoter at Giant Kelana Jaya Hypermarket. I'm learned so much of things and I saw so many kind of difference characteristic people when the time I works. I try my best to know the types of customer and consumer. They are tasting my sample and I am trying to promoter and push them to buy my Chocolate. I meet so many others brand promoter and we are promoting as well as to get our monthly pocket money. We are also got a same target which is earning to buy our dream item such as DSLR, Car and etc. It's not easy but we are believing, if we work and we can get our item. So, this weekend I really learned it. Thanks...

Saturday, 14 May 2011

A Story of number 6.

       First and foremost, I didn't read this whole story book and I just listen to what the television programme introduce. It's attracted me into the book content and it is a meaningful story. It is a chinese book called as “我们都是六号”(We are number 6)。What is the meaning of it?

       Let start the story, Mike a little boy which is living in a place wheres far from town. A day Mike is going to school study. Suddenly, few of his classmates and him been call to get a piece of box which sent from another school from town. They are not the first time to receive present from other school student. Besides that, they just received a book which is used by others. This is not a fool or something useless. Not the least, Mike also sent back book that he read to the student of sent book to Mike.

       Finally, these kind of action is good and recycle. Because when we finish read a book, it is doesn't mean the book useless anymore for other. So, we can send it to another person to read it. I hope you are an Eco friendly user too. Thanks.

Thursday, 12 May 2011

The new semester is around the corner again.

       I'm back to write a post about my college life's. It's a long long time I doesn't write about my college and study blog post. Now, I am starting again with a new semester and this is my semester 4 in Olympia College. I still got 3 more semester, so that I can graduate and work as a IT specialist. I am now ready to study for 4 subjects which are going to offers in this pretty semester and a renew semester too. Because I'm going to be refresh after this holiday having with my family and my friends. So, I need to get back my study mood in this week. Lastly, I hope my last semester result will be good and best. Thanks...

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Real Life in Port Dickson trip.

4th of May: The Day before to Port Dickson (PD)

       Patrick and I went to buy all the materials that will use and eat at PD. For examples, chicken wings, fish ball for JJ Yap (Opz), fish cake, crab ball, chicken meat, sparkling juice, and etc. It's took about a day to prepared all of this plus the chicken just preserves on the night time and double check, triple check of what we forget to buy, so I found that! I forget to buy what Vivi and Steven told me which is Marshmallow/Min Fa Tong/Mian Hua Tang. I'm sorry. I'm always forget things. Lastly, they are spam the wall before going to PD.

5th of May: The Day off to Port Dickson

       First and foremost, I wake up on time and start to take my morning bath, brushes my teeth, wash my face with the Nu Teen washing foam and etc. Then, Reuben come to my house to park his car at here and he looks like not enough sleep, looks like "Beng Beng". We are going to college to meet up with others after a triple check and walking into my house to get those things. Fortunately, we arrived to college, when we saw Kok Ming, JJ, Alex and Vivi, and Vivi has brought her lovely pet together with her which is a Wall Snake/Lizard. It's so nice and fat! At the same time, we met Mr. Conrad our lovely lecturer in our college, he so frighten when saw the lizard and he so afraid of it. He is so funny emotion.

       After that, we are still waiting for the late guy which driving the best Grand Livina on the road. Sherman be late and he argue with us which he told us, Kary just try to use SMS to morning call him and only that. So, he can't wake up. Next, we start to share all the luggage and things between the two cars. Then we go to SS3 to take our breakfast. But the reason we go to there is because I forget to take the coal to college. So, we go back to home and only for take the coal. Next, we start to travel to PD in safe, take photo, eat STICKY, play LIZARD and etc. haha...

      Few minutes later, we passing the corner to Port Dickson and we really arrived to the Sunshine Bay Resort. It's facing the beach and it's so nice! When we arrived to the resort, Vivi scream loudly. She is so exciting for the beach and the sun. But after we check in, we doesn't go to the beach and we went to take our lunch in a restaurant far from our resort. Then, go to the beach of MPPD just feel hot and the sun bright, so we go to Giant Hypermarket to buy the sunblock because everyone don't want to get black skin. It's a kind ideas. haha... Next, we balik resort and apply sunblock and START PLAY on the BEACH and SWIMMING POOL! NICE...

       Finally, night time is time to barbeque. So, we ready the drinks, foods and etc to carry it to the place we gonna barbeque. BLA BLA BLA... The coal fired and we cook the hot dogs, chicken wings and sate... CLA CLA CLA... We shout on the beach, we scream YUM!!!!!!!!!!! without Sheng... haha.... GLA GLA GLA... Sparkling juice and beers finished liao lar??? Why so little only? I need more... All sot liao... !@#%%^^&^%*$@@##!#%*(.... That the night... All don't know what's going on there... Opz.. Don't think too much...

6th of May: The Day after the barbeque

       Good morning to everyone, DAMN! It's just 4AM!!! Who so noisy outside the room? I thought those things but then Alex, Reuben, JJ and Kok Ming are chit chat there. Anyways, I'm join them together chit chat too and start disturb those who still sleeping on the bed! HEI SHAN LAR!!!! OH LIU LAR!!!! SEK ZHOU CHAN LAR!!!! TAI YAT CHUT LAR!!!!.... =.= All face like blur blur in the morning when on the way going to eat our breakfast. The noodle taste bitter, the herbal tea taste bitter, meat ball taste bitter and aunty got what again taste bitter? Yucks... I want to vomit after eat that. So, I didn't follow others to the beach and Patrick, Alex and I back to room and rest. I never ever go there eat noodle, spend me also I don't want. Afternoon, time to check out and we are so busy to mess the room and pack our things to go back KL. Eh eh eh.... This is not the end because we are still going to Kajang after this to take our lunch. It's so nice and our stomach full with bak kut teh, not Klang but Kajang. At last we end our trip with a bowling match and I get a low marks... DAMN IT! haiz.... Fail again... WTD... Then we are going back home by sherman car, patrick car and vivi by her own. Good Bye...

       This is my Port Dickson Trip... Have a nice day and I'm waiting for the next trip!!! haha...

Saturday, 7 May 2011

One Day in Banting. (2/5/2011)

      First and foremost, I doesn't go back home after the Genting Trip but then I went to Banting again. It's just a start and not the stop. Helbert just ask where we gonna to go to and what should we do when in the day and night time? We doesn't go to bowling but we went to two Gold Coast resort which are Sepang and Morib. The sand in the gold coast really nice and fine, I like it! Although, it is nice but the resort are not open to everyone and just for those who lives inside the resort. It's a bad. We just have ice cream and walk on the sand. In additional, we saw a human model make up by sand and it so look alike human. Helbert, scream when a woman past by and the woman shocked thought she is step on the hand. 

       Next, he brought us to play badminton. I got a long time doesn't play badminton because no money to go to Kuala Lumpur badminton court. It's too expensive in the area. I'm loses for two match. After that, we went back home and take a bath. We took a rest and pack all the clothes. Then, we heading to the night market in Banting near the Mac Donald area. The price are reasonable and it's too cheap. A big packet of soya bean just RM1 only. What do you think? 

       Besides that, Helbert sister friends had invite Helbert to go to a Wedding dinner and he brought us to go there too. There are many people eating, singing, drinking and etc. So, we are also took some food and we drinks Tiger. It taste so nice and better than Calsberg. 

       Finally, we went back to PJ and have a nice dream. That all... 

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

After Banting, I went to Genting Again...

       It's just a marathon trip that I ever had in Peninsular with dear, family, friends and myself.  I had try so many times of trip, but never went trip like this time. Never rest, never stop and never drinks also. I had so much of fun and enjoyable moments with them. I think this is not the end of my trip, because after Banting, friends and I will continue to Genting Highland to have fun together.

       After parent, elder brother and etc back to Sandakan. I followed Patrick to his hometown Banting to had a Bowling match with his friends. That is because we play bowling in Banting is much more cheaper than play bowling in Kuala Lumpur here. We are still student, we are not working, so we have to saves our pocket money to do others things. In the afternoon, he brought dear and I to eat the famous Pan Mee in town. Anyways, I still prefer the curry mee at the same restaurant. It's because the curry soup is not spicy and very nice. Next, we went to econsave in Banting with nothing to buy. Night time, it's time to Bowling again. After that, we are going to Helbert house to sleep and ready to go Genting highland for the next day. It's already 2.00a.m.

       The day after, we took breakfast at Gohtong Jaya and then go to Genting. It's feel weird when I saw the boss of the restaurant, because I went there last week and took the same meal. Oh My Dut! At last, we arrived to Genting Highland and first we meet Mike and then we straight buy ticket to go into the outdoor theme park. It's cost one person RM46 because of peak season and we are MayKad holder, so we are getting discount on it. We played space shot, corkscrew roller coaster, bumper boat, train coaster, car coaster, marry go round and etc. In additional, there are not much fun when playing the space shot, before this I thought it is very scary and I afraid of it. But now, I won't scare because really nice and no scare feeling. I hope you all trust me, It's really no worry bah. Mike get a big bear in suddenly when playing the kiosk game.

       Fortunately, we took our bags and go into our hotel. I took a bath and rest a while before going down to the Mac Donald to online. Moreover, we doesn't take long time at there, so we walking around to see go what to do. I suggest to go to the bowling center at the third floor near the pool center too. It's not pretty than Mid Valley Glow in the dark bowling. I prefer Mid Valley more than Genting Highland bowling center. Because there are not very glow of everything. So, we went to sleep since both of us feels tired.

       The next day, we went to the temple and took a lot of pictures and feels the vegetarian. I thinking of be a vegetarian man for a month or 2 months. Because it is really nice! ^^

       Lastly, we when back to Genting to take Helbert car to go back Banting. The next to be continue on the next post... Taraaa!

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