Wednesday, 25 May 2011

5X5.2+3.2000+11 equal to 25.5.2011

       A special day, I am not having any class but I go to college to meet friends. Moreover, actually we have a meeting which is organizes by our college Student Council Club. But seems they are not giving any respond to us, so we are going to lunch earlier and we went Section 14 by our Super Car(Reuben's car). Besides that, I miss a day with them to lunch and they went to Kentucky Fried Chicken to take their oily lunch. On the way to Section 14, Vivian are kept screaming because Reuben drives so fast and "Potong sini dan sana". Few minutes later we arrived to the destination and he drift in the car park. He make me can't carry well of my camera and I am hungry. So, we just let the heavy things left in the car because the car just in front of the security hut and then we are walking to the vegetarian stall to take our pure lunch. It is not "Cho 1 or 15", it is only "Cho 23". 

       After that, we are going to accompany Reuben to Digital Mall Section 14 to get back his lovely Razer Naga mouse, it is a extreme good mouse for those play "Dota". Fortunately, he get it and he is so happy because the warranty is not repair but gave him a brand new mouse back to him. So, he can enjoy his "Dota" life again with his wonderland mood. 哈哈... The time is sorting because beside Vivian and I, others have a class at the afternoon, 2.00pm. What to do? We running as fast as possible to get into the car. On the way, friends get into the lift but Patrick and I can't get into the same lift with them because it is fulled. Damn!!! Makes Patrick and I need to climb staircase to the second floor to meet them. Haiz...

       We reach college and they are going to their class, but Vivian and I stay inside the library to wait them finish classes. Unfortunately, a anonymous came and sitting beside Vivian and he want to borrow her lappy to on Facebook. So, she lent to him and he sitting with at lot of question and etc. Next, Patrick and Reuben came out from the class, but not because of end class is just because Patrick lappy out of battery and he want to borrow my lappy to access on the exercise that his lecturer gave to him. =.= 

       Finally, all of them ended classes. But that is not the end of our day because we are going to have a high tea at Secret Recipe. We bought 5 slices of difference types of cake and we sat there for 1 hour. We took a lot of picture and we taste so many tasty cakes. So, I really happy today although the meeting cancel but I ate so many nice foods and cakes, and I'm the victim in the lift. I will remember these... E~ Thank you...

       If want to view the picture just click the link beside this sentence. (Smile Always)
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