Wednesday, 4 May 2011

After Banting, I went to Genting Again...

       It's just a marathon trip that I ever had in Peninsular with dear, family, friends and myself.  I had try so many times of trip, but never went trip like this time. Never rest, never stop and never drinks also. I had so much of fun and enjoyable moments with them. I think this is not the end of my trip, because after Banting, friends and I will continue to Genting Highland to have fun together.

       After parent, elder brother and etc back to Sandakan. I followed Patrick to his hometown Banting to had a Bowling match with his friends. That is because we play bowling in Banting is much more cheaper than play bowling in Kuala Lumpur here. We are still student, we are not working, so we have to saves our pocket money to do others things. In the afternoon, he brought dear and I to eat the famous Pan Mee in town. Anyways, I still prefer the curry mee at the same restaurant. It's because the curry soup is not spicy and very nice. Next, we went to econsave in Banting with nothing to buy. Night time, it's time to Bowling again. After that, we are going to Helbert house to sleep and ready to go Genting highland for the next day. It's already 2.00a.m.

       The day after, we took breakfast at Gohtong Jaya and then go to Genting. It's feel weird when I saw the boss of the restaurant, because I went there last week and took the same meal. Oh My Dut! At last, we arrived to Genting Highland and first we meet Mike and then we straight buy ticket to go into the outdoor theme park. It's cost one person RM46 because of peak season and we are MayKad holder, so we are getting discount on it. We played space shot, corkscrew roller coaster, bumper boat, train coaster, car coaster, marry go round and etc. In additional, there are not much fun when playing the space shot, before this I thought it is very scary and I afraid of it. But now, I won't scare because really nice and no scare feeling. I hope you all trust me, It's really no worry bah. Mike get a big bear in suddenly when playing the kiosk game.

       Fortunately, we took our bags and go into our hotel. I took a bath and rest a while before going down to the Mac Donald to online. Moreover, we doesn't take long time at there, so we walking around to see go what to do. I suggest to go to the bowling center at the third floor near the pool center too. It's not pretty than Mid Valley Glow in the dark bowling. I prefer Mid Valley more than Genting Highland bowling center. Because there are not very glow of everything. So, we went to sleep since both of us feels tired.

       The next day, we went to the temple and took a lot of pictures and feels the vegetarian. I thinking of be a vegetarian man for a month or 2 months. Because it is really nice! ^^

       Lastly, we when back to Genting to take Helbert car to go back Banting. The next to be continue on the next post... Taraaa!
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