Friday, 20 May 2011

A Friday Random Plan.

       I'm back. Today I went to college for no class. Actually, I am going to college for my school fees problem. There are so much of question marks on my head which makes me stress and tension. So, I decide to go to college to see how is it. 

       Before that, I am going to take lunch with friends at Alibawal Food Court and I meet them at college. When I arrived, I saw Vivian are wearing so beach-ing feel, because she is wearing sleeveless shirt and she get bullied by Patrick, Reuben and I. We are continuous "Tan" her. I also saw a friend which I long time doesn't meet him, he is Nigel. Nice to meet you again and he is still the same, talkative guy. 

       We all ate vegetarian food and I add on 5 or 6 pieces of Planta Cornflake Chicken. It is nice and expensive. It cost me for RM6. Then we are going back to college and I go settle my things, then they are going to attend a class at A08, 6th floor. Unfortunately, there are no chairs and no tables inside the room. Next, when I finished settle my things at the second floor, then I go back to 6th floor. Opz, there are so many people at the 6th floor and suddenly Vivian ask me want to go watch movie or not? Want or not? So, I ask what movie are showing now? and she said "Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides". Then all agreed, so I open my GSC account and buy 5 tickets of the movie. There is a sudden accident when I buy ticket, because this is my first time doing online buy movie ticket. It is I forget to see the code that we need to show to the counter when we want to get the tickets. Damn... Anyways, we found the code by another way. Thanks god... haha

       Wait what? Go to Mid Valley to watch movie. (But actually Vivian, Patrick and Reuben got class.) You 3 people escape from the class. Oh!!! Nah!!! Nah!!! This is the first class of the subject, you all are escaping from the class. No good, no good. Back to my story, I follows Vivian car and we are the first car going to Mid Valley, but at the end, we are the last people arrive to cinema. =.= aiyoyo... Next, we meet them in front of the 3rd floor Mac Donald's restaurant and go to buy drinks. So is time to go into the Hall 4 to watch 3D movie. This is my first time of watching 3D movie and it makes me dizzy. I hope this is only for the first time effect of watch 3D movie. At the advertisement period, I saw a movie, I want to watch it! Guess what is the movie? I know you and I want to watch it. I heard it will releases on July. So, be prepare and saves money to watch it. 

       Finally, I watched this movie and I not really like it. It's showing the style of pirate. The end of the movie is Jack Sparrow leave the girl stay on the island. Oh, sad... because the girl will suffer and no food to eat. Next, all of us (Vivian, Patrick, Reuben, Koo and I) felt cold which already became ice cream, I think they switch the temperature of the air conditional below then 20 degree Celsius. Then, Koo the first go back home and 4 of us went to toilet to reduce our body temperature, anyways no uses at all. Otherwise, we go to car park because the car park so warms. So, I go back home by Patrick car and others go back home by their own car. This is my random planning day. What do you think? Nice right?

Here are some of the pictures and explanation:
((When we arrived Mid Valley Megamall))

((When the two kenari meet, Reuben been catch inside the picture))

((When others purchasing drinks, Patrick showing the tickets))

((The tickets of Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides))

((The natural picture and also the special photo of the day))
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