Tuesday, 24 May 2011

I don't like Monday.

     I am going to be crazy, to dieing, to down and to getting older. It is because so many things that I should do on this pretty week. First and foremost, my bank account suddenly credit certain amount from anonymous department, at the same timing they debited to another department. So, is it a wrong bank in or system error. But there are still got RM100 left in my account. I think this is something I had apply last year April. Since April 2010 I wait PTPTN until today. I heard my friend say PTPTN is "Pei Di Pei Di Nei"(Cantonese). It's true. At the last, it came to my account after I went to CIMB Bank, Section 14 today. I am happy and enjoy the money that I wait for long time.

       Next, Airasia are doing promotion from 23rd of May until 29th of May, if I not mistaken. Airasia always do promotion in such good moment but it is always got many problem held on it. Helbert, just said ask Airasia to improve their system. I think this is really true because they are going to lost many customer heart, if the system still the same.

       Finally, so... so....
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