Wednesday, 25 May 2011

L.I.F.E stand for?

       We call it life, We call it is suffering, We call it wonderful, We call it upset, We call it enjoyable, We call it is boring, We call it is amazing, We call it is nothing special, We call it is treasuring, We also call it is inspire. But we are always asking ourself why I am so suffer, why I am so upset, why I am so boring, why I am so lonely, why I am so no special. 

       I think this is very confusing and irritating emotional. It's also caused so many people do some different from normal such as end their pretty life, drinks alcoholic and driving, drinks harm drink and etc. I hope you are not the one who so bad likes those whose did this. You are really different from other because you know how to think wisely and I tell you honestly, life as we know it is suffer but we know how to be patient and be calm down when we are suffering from sick, upset and others emotion. We are the most lucky in the world.

       Anyways, blow here blow there, went here and went there. I means we saw so much of people and so much of people characteristic. We cannot judge a person by their appearance. So, so...

       Lastly, L.I.F.E stand for Life Infinity of Fun and Enjoyment. ^^
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