Saturday, 7 May 2011

One Day in Banting. (2/5/2011)

      First and foremost, I doesn't go back home after the Genting Trip but then I went to Banting again. It's just a start and not the stop. Helbert just ask where we gonna to go to and what should we do when in the day and night time? We doesn't go to bowling but we went to two Gold Coast resort which are Sepang and Morib. The sand in the gold coast really nice and fine, I like it! Although, it is nice but the resort are not open to everyone and just for those who lives inside the resort. It's a bad. We just have ice cream and walk on the sand. In additional, we saw a human model make up by sand and it so look alike human. Helbert, scream when a woman past by and the woman shocked thought she is step on the hand. 

       Next, he brought us to play badminton. I got a long time doesn't play badminton because no money to go to Kuala Lumpur badminton court. It's too expensive in the area. I'm loses for two match. After that, we went back home and take a bath. We took a rest and pack all the clothes. Then, we heading to the night market in Banting near the Mac Donald area. The price are reasonable and it's too cheap. A big packet of soya bean just RM1 only. What do you think? 

       Besides that, Helbert sister friends had invite Helbert to go to a Wedding dinner and he brought us to go there too. There are many people eating, singing, drinking and etc. So, we are also took some food and we drinks Tiger. It taste so nice and better than Calsberg. 

       Finally, we went back to PJ and have a nice dream. That all... 

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