Real Life in Port Dickson trip.

4th of May: The Day before to Port Dickson (PD)

       Patrick and I went to buy all the materials that will use and eat at PD. For examples, chicken wings, fish ball for JJ Yap (Opz), fish cake, crab ball, chicken meat, sparkling juice, and etc. It's took about a day to prepared all of this plus the chicken just preserves on the night time and double check, triple check of what we forget to buy, so I found that! I forget to buy what Vivi and Steven told me which is Marshmallow/Min Fa Tong/Mian Hua Tang. I'm sorry. I'm always forget things. Lastly, they are spam the wall before going to PD.

5th of May: The Day off to Port Dickson

       First and foremost, I wake up on time and start to take my morning bath, brushes my teeth, wash my face with the Nu Teen washing foam and etc. Then, Reuben come to my house to park his car at here and he looks like not enough sleep, looks like "Beng Beng". We are going to college to meet up with others after a triple check and walking into my house to get those things. Fortunately, we arrived to college, when we saw Kok Ming, JJ, Alex and Vivi, and Vivi has brought her lovely pet together with her which is a Wall Snake/Lizard. It's so nice and fat! At the same time, we met Mr. Conrad our lovely lecturer in our college, he so frighten when saw the lizard and he so afraid of it. He is so funny emotion.

       After that, we are still waiting for the late guy which driving the best Grand Livina on the road. Sherman be late and he argue with us which he told us, Kary just try to use SMS to morning call him and only that. So, he can't wake up. Next, we start to share all the luggage and things between the two cars. Then we go to SS3 to take our breakfast. But the reason we go to there is because I forget to take the coal to college. So, we go back to home and only for take the coal. Next, we start to travel to PD in safe, take photo, eat STICKY, play LIZARD and etc. haha...

      Few minutes later, we passing the corner to Port Dickson and we really arrived to the Sunshine Bay Resort. It's facing the beach and it's so nice! When we arrived to the resort, Vivi scream loudly. She is so exciting for the beach and the sun. But after we check in, we doesn't go to the beach and we went to take our lunch in a restaurant far from our resort. Then, go to the beach of MPPD just feel hot and the sun bright, so we go to Giant Hypermarket to buy the sunblock because everyone don't want to get black skin. It's a kind ideas. haha... Next, we balik resort and apply sunblock and START PLAY on the BEACH and SWIMMING POOL! NICE...

       Finally, night time is time to barbeque. So, we ready the drinks, foods and etc to carry it to the place we gonna barbeque. BLA BLA BLA... The coal fired and we cook the hot dogs, chicken wings and sate... CLA CLA CLA... We shout on the beach, we scream YUM!!!!!!!!!!! without Sheng... haha.... GLA GLA GLA... Sparkling juice and beers finished liao lar??? Why so little only? I need more... All sot liao... !@#%%^^&^%*$@@##!#%*(.... That the night... All don't know what's going on there... Opz.. Don't think too much...

6th of May: The Day after the barbeque

       Good morning to everyone, DAMN! It's just 4AM!!! Who so noisy outside the room? I thought those things but then Alex, Reuben, JJ and Kok Ming are chit chat there. Anyways, I'm join them together chit chat too and start disturb those who still sleeping on the bed! HEI SHAN LAR!!!! OH LIU LAR!!!! SEK ZHOU CHAN LAR!!!! TAI YAT CHUT LAR!!!!.... =.= All face like blur blur in the morning when on the way going to eat our breakfast. The noodle taste bitter, the herbal tea taste bitter, meat ball taste bitter and aunty got what again taste bitter? Yucks... I want to vomit after eat that. So, I didn't follow others to the beach and Patrick, Alex and I back to room and rest. I never ever go there eat noodle, spend me also I don't want. Afternoon, time to check out and we are so busy to mess the room and pack our things to go back KL. Eh eh eh.... This is not the end because we are still going to Kajang after this to take our lunch. It's so nice and our stomach full with bak kut teh, not Klang but Kajang. At last we end our trip with a bowling match and I get a low marks... DAMN IT! haiz.... Fail again... WTD... Then we are going back home by sherman car, patrick car and vivi by her own. Good Bye...

       This is my Port Dickson Trip... Have a nice day and I'm waiting for the next trip!!! haha...
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