Saturday, 14 May 2011

A Story of number 6.

       First and foremost, I didn't read this whole story book and I just listen to what the television programme introduce. It's attracted me into the book content and it is a meaningful story. It is a chinese book called as “我们都是六号”(We are number 6)。What is the meaning of it?

       Let start the story, Mike a little boy which is living in a place wheres far from town. A day Mike is going to school study. Suddenly, few of his classmates and him been call to get a piece of box which sent from another school from town. They are not the first time to receive present from other school student. Besides that, they just received a book which is used by others. This is not a fool or something useless. Not the least, Mike also sent back book that he read to the student of sent book to Mike.

       Finally, these kind of action is good and recycle. Because when we finish read a book, it is doesn't mean the book useless anymore for other. So, we can send it to another person to read it. I hope you are an Eco friendly user too. Thanks.
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