Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Look Out Point of Kuala Lumpur.

Wah, time to view the beautiful view of Kuala Lumpur.
Since, we doesn't have much thing to do.

It's too ridiculous. It's awesome!

Erm, please let me think, what should I order at the restaurant (Gasoline) and somemore got a extreme nice view.

Aiyoyo, no need to think so much, you just order those recommended by the Chef.
Order... Order.... Ordered!
While waiting...

and PEACE!

30 minutes over and the food served in front of us.

Portugal Fish Fillet

Butter Chicken Rice

French Fries

Willy, don't eat first. Please take a picture first.
Finally finish our foods.
The price are reasonable, because the foods are damn delicious.

Next, we went to the top of the tower to see the view of Kuala Lumpur.

Ka Chack 1~

Ka Chack 2~

Ka Chack 3~

Ka Chack 4~

Ka Chack 5~

At the end, I took a picture as a record.

That's all...

No wonder lar...

It's time to blog.
This post is about my daily.
Such as food, impression, expression, social, photo's and etc.
What is happening in my real life?
I'm don't think it is bad, but it also not a good condition too.
First, I talk about my Facebook account.
Obviously, my account deducted a friend, I know who is it, but I don't tell you all because that is just a non sense.
I think this is non of your business too.
Anyways, if you want to ask, I will tell you too.
No wonder lar...

Besides that, there are so many things changed in this semester.
It's because some are the last semester? or because some of them, got a difference ideas between each and other?
No wonder lar...

Next, these few weeks I kept on talking about Digital SLR to my friends especially Patrick and  KokMing.
Annoying? It should not be annoy lar...
I aims Canon DSLR EOS 550D as my first Digital SLR camera.
The cost to own this camera is just RM2400++ with the lens.
The reason I chosen it is because the camera fulfilled my requirements and I can use it for a long period rather than EOS 1100D.
In my mind, EOS 1100D that is not my cup of tea.
Nikon, I don't like.
Because it is too bulky and in term of speed, quality, and etc, Canon is the winner.
No wonder lar...

Don't write too long.
If not, I will get scold and blar blar blar by someone else.
Erm... So, that's all...
And then assignments time... 

Monday, 27 June 2011

Think out of the square.

This time I start with left hand side...
I thinks this is special because I don't have try write in this way.
This is my first time ever and time to think out of the boxes.
I had never know what is that?
But one thing, I know we are human, nor animal and etc.
So, whenever we got problems and issues which are difficult to organize.
We have to find someone expert to help us...
Don't say no time, don't say no chance...
Because chance is only left for those willing to find it.
Haha... Is it?
Let think twice, don't believe it?
Come to Google search it.

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Father's Day.

       Haiz, This is 2011, I'm already leave Sandakan for the third years and also I don't celebrate Father's Day for the third times. Let describe him, Which anime or comic character can nicely describe your father? ^^. I will choose Superman, because his characteristic so much similar to my father.


Monday, 20 June 2011

Tell A Lie (说谎)

Hi, I'm back to talk about a good topic.
When is the last time you tell a lie to your family, relatives, friends, anonymous and other people?
It's a must or you have to tell them to escape for something and don't tell me you don't tell it.
Some times, we are telling a lie to prevent from annoying people.
Some times, we are telling a lie to escape from salesman.
Some times, we are telling a lie to parent from being scold by them.
So, a lie actually some good and some bad.

For example, when you want to go play but someone don't let you to go.
Just think twice, there are no harm if you go there have fun with friends.
Why don't you just tell a lie to join friends?
Anyways, I not forcing you to tell a lie.
It's depend on your own.

For example, when you get a bad result, such as get F in your Mathematics subject.
So, you don't want to give your mom to know it and you told her, you get a Pass on it.
Otherwise, you will get scold 9 9(seriously).
It's not a good way to secure yourself, because today doesn't mean that other day your parent won't know it.
Please don' do this. Don't be a bad boy or bad girl.
Remember oh...

That's all... thanks

Sunday, 19 June 2011

Chance (机会)


Every times when I giving chance to something else.
It is going to give me a bad result.
The department didn't ever changes themselves and itself.
Although, I gave a long long time.
It is the same.
No more chance for them and it.
Don't ask me to give second chance, except xxxxx....




Saturday, 18 June 2011




F U! (Sorry of rude)

I don't know what are you want.
I don't know what are you going to do.
Please don't ask me to talk with you.
Because I no more, no more want to talk with you.
Although others ask me to talk with you.
Plus, I already put down my face.
But (You have no more chance).
F U!
You are FxxKing DAMN Pee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


F U!


Friday, 17 June 2011

I don't think so.

       This is reflect to our Tourism Minister which they are using our money to create some which is free and do it worth? Here got a video to share with you.

A facebook link: Click Here.

If you also think what am I thinking. Please do visit this site and like it.


Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Term Break.

        Hi, I got a time doesn't write a post or update my blog page. That is because I'm still in the blur world. I'm not sure what have to do. Anyways, this week is my college one week holiday. There are few things I need to complete this week such as KokMing birthday(Monday), help sis bank-in money(Tuesday), Assignment(Wednesday), Working day(Thursday & Friday) and Free time(Saturday & Sunday). We just had a water war at Sunway Lagoon on Monday. Fortunately, I can go to Sunway Lagoon the second time, the first time I went to Sunway Lagoon on the years of 1997. Since that time I miss anything because my height not enough to reach the standard line to play every single roller coaster and etc. Obviously, I can play everything now. Next, sis told me on Monday to find a house to move. I'm thinking because of many thing to happens here. Then to force us to move to another better place. If you saw this(Please help me to find a house near SS3, Taman Paramount or Seapark. These area is really the best place, easy to access to other areas. 

       Moreover, I just received a last minute call from the agent ask me to work at the Section 14. Friends, if you are going to there please do a visit to me on this coming Thursday and Friday. I hope there are not much of thing to do, just try to sell all the drinks in the rack then should be okay. God bless me. Thanks. 

        Finally, my assignment still stuck in the middle. Haiz....

Wednesday, 8 June 2011


我不知道, 我不知道, 我不知道, 我不知道, 我不知道, 我不知道, 我不知道...
我每次都不知道, 我每次都不知道, 我每次都不知道, 我每次都不知道, 我每次都不知道, 我每次都不知道, 我每次都不知道...
全部人都说不要在这样啦. 但是, 我依然是这样. 我不懂为什么, 从什么时候变成现在的我.
我想要之前的我, 比较起来我真的迟钝了. DAMN...

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Third Year No Celebrate.

       I got three years didn't celebrate Dumpling Festival with my family. I so miss my parent and Sandakan dumpling such as peanut dumpling, pork dumpling, the no taste dumpling and many others. I like to eat dumpling. Moreover, this year my friend(Helbert) brought dumpling for me from his hometown. The dumpling was made by his mother. Thank you. I hope everyone Happy Dumpling Festival and are you missing your family.

Monday, 6 June 2011

Do you fear of surgery?

       Another post of today and I don't know this is call good or bad news. It's because aunt need to go surgery on today, means later. I hope there are nothing happen and the surgery successfully done. So, she will get well soon after the surgery. Next, I tried surgery before this, which is surgery on my left feet. It is not a big surgery, it is just cut a small piece of bone that grows at the middle of the feet. I'm not sure what is it. But I only know there are no pain among the surgery period. Thank god. Lastly, aunt don't be afraid of it, no pain and the surgery just easy like makes a piece of cake.

I just knew something called suddenly.

       Hi, at the beginning, I have to say rest in peace to my neighbour which she is grandmother lives with her grandson and etc. Yesterday, when I was driving to go back home from Subang. Sis told me about she was die and this was two weeks back. She got stroke in her head. She came here from Sabah as I know it, she told me since I moved to current house. Besides that, I always heard her voice in everyday evening, because she always argue with someone near by. She is funny. But since she was leave and we all cannot heard her arguing voice again. I wish she leave with happiness and without any regretful. RIP.

Saturday, 4 June 2011

Reuben Birthday

       Birthday tips again, hope you all like it. A friend of my group was having his birthday on 3rd of June and we are going to celebrate it in a different way. We(Vivian, KokMing, Me) are waiting at college to fetch us to Sunway Pyramid and others(Patrick, Alex) go by their own. So, when we reached Sunway Pyramid. First thing is rush to the cinema to purchases tickets of "Kung fu Panda 2". 

       We purchased Cantonese version and it's at 1.20pm. At the same time we met Alex and he wear black singlet. He said "I wear singlet is because of Reuben". Opz... Then we went to take our breakfast at "Porridge Taste". We had a great moment in adding oil, soya sauce, tomato sauce, and soya to the fried fu chuk to give the "ShaoShingZai" eat which feed by Alex. I got a prove here.

On the way to Fullhouse Restaurant, Reuben found a thing.

       But KokMing block him to there because....

       Next, we continue to FullHouse to buy our cakes. Few minutes later, we found and everyone start to choose which one they want to have a taste.

       Then all the cake stored inside a nice box.

       Fortunately, everyone are here and we are going to Guardian to buy something nice as Reuben Birthday Present and put it inside a nice paper bag. 

and the comments for him...

Then, we went to the food court to Celebrate! 

So, let Reuben to wish and blow the candle up...

Unfortunately, Vivian became a victim because her cake fall down to the floor cause Patrick push it. But Vivian successfully grab the cake and polish it on Patrick face help by  Reuben tight hug.

Result is... Awesome...

We start to clean up the cake feast which caused by the cake war and took a group photo. 

       Then, we went to watch Kung Fu Panda 2, Cantonese version. The Panda found wheres it's came from and it fatty stomach are getting bigger. OMG.... If you want to know more about the movie just head to cinema and buy a ticket to watch it. It is awesome. Like what the poster state.

       It's time to eat our lunch at T'bowl which is using toilet concept to design the restaurant and food. I think this is not a good idea, but after I had a tried at the restaurant. It is awesome. Because the set lunch just RM16.90 with food, drink, dessert and soup. See....

Seafood Rice.

Mushroom soup and Milk Tea

Dessert(Ice Cream + Fried Bread)

Chitchatting, laughing, talking those things, and etc... Lol!!!

Time to let Reuben try a new recipe again which are Bread + everything.

After mixed all the ingredient, the taste was sucks. We just pay for the bill and took a second group photo at T'bowl Restaurant.

Patrick and I went to Digi Centre and others went to ask for the ticketing of Sunway Lagoon. It is because we are going to celebrate KokMing birthday at Sunway Lagoon. 

       Finally, it's time to go back home. KokMing, Alex, Vivian and I follow SuperCar and Patrick went back by himself. 3 words for today is "It is AWESOME!!!". 


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