No wonder lar...

It's time to blog.
This post is about my daily.
Such as food, impression, expression, social, photo's and etc.
What is happening in my real life?
I'm don't think it is bad, but it also not a good condition too.
First, I talk about my Facebook account.
Obviously, my account deducted a friend, I know who is it, but I don't tell you all because that is just a non sense.
I think this is non of your business too.
Anyways, if you want to ask, I will tell you too.
No wonder lar...

Besides that, there are so many things changed in this semester.
It's because some are the last semester? or because some of them, got a difference ideas between each and other?
No wonder lar...

Next, these few weeks I kept on talking about Digital SLR to my friends especially Patrick and  KokMing.
Annoying? It should not be annoy lar...
I aims Canon DSLR EOS 550D as my first Digital SLR camera.
The cost to own this camera is just RM2400++ with the lens.
The reason I chosen it is because the camera fulfilled my requirements and I can use it for a long period rather than EOS 1100D.
In my mind, EOS 1100D that is not my cup of tea.
Nikon, I don't like.
Because it is too bulky and in term of speed, quality, and etc, Canon is the winner.
No wonder lar...

Don't write too long.
If not, I will get scold and blar blar blar by someone else.
Erm... So, that's all...
And then assignments time... 
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