Saturday, 4 June 2011

Reuben Birthday

       Birthday tips again, hope you all like it. A friend of my group was having his birthday on 3rd of June and we are going to celebrate it in a different way. We(Vivian, KokMing, Me) are waiting at college to fetch us to Sunway Pyramid and others(Patrick, Alex) go by their own. So, when we reached Sunway Pyramid. First thing is rush to the cinema to purchases tickets of "Kung fu Panda 2". 

       We purchased Cantonese version and it's at 1.20pm. At the same time we met Alex and he wear black singlet. He said "I wear singlet is because of Reuben". Opz... Then we went to take our breakfast at "Porridge Taste". We had a great moment in adding oil, soya sauce, tomato sauce, and soya to the fried fu chuk to give the "ShaoShingZai" eat which feed by Alex. I got a prove here.

On the way to Fullhouse Restaurant, Reuben found a thing.

       But KokMing block him to there because....

       Next, we continue to FullHouse to buy our cakes. Few minutes later, we found and everyone start to choose which one they want to have a taste.

       Then all the cake stored inside a nice box.

       Fortunately, everyone are here and we are going to Guardian to buy something nice as Reuben Birthday Present and put it inside a nice paper bag. 

and the comments for him...

Then, we went to the food court to Celebrate! 

So, let Reuben to wish and blow the candle up...

Unfortunately, Vivian became a victim because her cake fall down to the floor cause Patrick push it. But Vivian successfully grab the cake and polish it on Patrick face help by  Reuben tight hug.

Result is... Awesome...

We start to clean up the cake feast which caused by the cake war and took a group photo. 

       Then, we went to watch Kung Fu Panda 2, Cantonese version. The Panda found wheres it's came from and it fatty stomach are getting bigger. OMG.... If you want to know more about the movie just head to cinema and buy a ticket to watch it. It is awesome. Like what the poster state.

       It's time to eat our lunch at T'bowl which is using toilet concept to design the restaurant and food. I think this is not a good idea, but after I had a tried at the restaurant. It is awesome. Because the set lunch just RM16.90 with food, drink, dessert and soup. See....

Seafood Rice.

Mushroom soup and Milk Tea

Dessert(Ice Cream + Fried Bread)

Chitchatting, laughing, talking those things, and etc... Lol!!!

Time to let Reuben try a new recipe again which are Bread + everything.

After mixed all the ingredient, the taste was sucks. We just pay for the bill and took a second group photo at T'bowl Restaurant.

Patrick and I went to Digi Centre and others went to ask for the ticketing of Sunway Lagoon. It is because we are going to celebrate KokMing birthday at Sunway Lagoon. 

       Finally, it's time to go back home. KokMing, Alex, Vivian and I follow SuperCar and Patrick went back by himself. 3 words for today is "It is AWESOME!!!". 


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