Monday, 20 June 2011

Tell A Lie (说谎)

Hi, I'm back to talk about a good topic.
When is the last time you tell a lie to your family, relatives, friends, anonymous and other people?
It's a must or you have to tell them to escape for something and don't tell me you don't tell it.
Some times, we are telling a lie to prevent from annoying people.
Some times, we are telling a lie to escape from salesman.
Some times, we are telling a lie to parent from being scold by them.
So, a lie actually some good and some bad.

For example, when you want to go play but someone don't let you to go.
Just think twice, there are no harm if you go there have fun with friends.
Why don't you just tell a lie to join friends?
Anyways, I not forcing you to tell a lie.
It's depend on your own.

For example, when you get a bad result, such as get F in your Mathematics subject.
So, you don't want to give your mom to know it and you told her, you get a Pass on it.
Otherwise, you will get scold 9 9(seriously).
It's not a good way to secure yourself, because today doesn't mean that other day your parent won't know it.
Please don' do this. Don't be a bad boy or bad girl.
Remember oh...

That's all... thanks
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