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With Gay.

One word "Weird".
Gay... Gay... Gay... Hooo!!!!!!! My friend started to share some gay video in our Facebook group. It is such a entertaining video, which we are laughing and chit chat about it all the time. Finally, Alex Yee look so gay now a day, and I shared 2 "HARD GAY" video to you all.
I knew you got a same feeling after watch it.



还有什么东西可以做? 如果是你, 你肯定会说睡觉。
而我就会说, “The night are still young. Wait what oh?", 其实,晚上对我们年青人来说, 就是天堂。 晚上,等于安静,冷,没人管你, 做什么都可以(请不要误会哦)。
我为什么说到“口臭”, 刚刚,我和朋友(Helbert, Reuben, Willy)们去了夜市走走。 这个夜市最出名的小吃是“臭豆腐”。 所以,没可能那么远来到都不吃一下的吗。
废话不多说, 一句话可以形容我对臭豆腐的感觉, 就是“臭豆腐真的很够力 er xin 又臭!”

今晚,我很开心可以和你们去到那一个夜市。 谢谢(两个黄先生)。







I'm Free...

I'm tired of event.

I'm tired of assignments.

I'm tired of sports.

I'm tired of walking a long distance.

But now i'm free of it because I'm Free~ ^^

Bon Odori 2011

Wow... Wow... Wow... Wow.... You will hunt more fun in this post. An event that I waited for few years and an event that I should be there last year, but because of some issues makes me can't go there. It's okay, that is a past time. So, this year Bon Odori 2011, I am lucky. I can go there with my college mates. One thing can always remember is, my dream started from the morning until the next day also haven't finish yet. It is a tragedy. This is not only that, but we also got a lot of fun there such as eat octopus; eat sushi; eat rice; eat terayaki; eat tepanyaki; drinks juice; and many more. Talk about eat, I still remember Antony Chong sushi gave us ate half and Shadow Lee bought a pack of sushi which is just left the plastic pack and wasted food. I'm just only ate one and other kept take from the plastic pack. Besides that, Antony Chong push me to take picture with the "Mui Mui Zai" that came from Japan. Aligartou! I like the fan war and Vivian Yap…

This week(11-15 July 2011)

11-07-2011: Nothing special, I went to class as normal and I had learn a new thing for the hexadecimal value, which is coding that a computer read such as 0123456789ABCDEF. It is not only binary code, but we still got hexadecimal and etc.

       12-07-2011: I went to play badminton at the afternoon and night time. I am full power when playing with ah Harn racket. Then we are going to Bumbung Seapark to take our dinner. NASI LEMAK KEPAK! NICE!
       13-07-2011: A boring class ever I had.
       14-07-2011: At afternoon, friends and I helped Yu Tan to maintenance her car. Besides that, a night with SPAM WALL, that is because I just went out with Helbert to Asia Cafe without their notice. So, my inbox reached to 350++ messages. For Facebook inbox, there are more than 15 messages from Patrick, 19 messages from KokMing and the most inbox messages are 55 messages from Reuben. Reuben, You are the winner of the Spam Operation!
       15-07-2011: I have no class, but I need to go there bec…


It is kind of sickness, because when we are in rushing or lack of time, we are going to running here and there. It only one goal which is complete the task that we had on our hand.

To be continue soon~

09072011 to 10072011

Wow! Wow! Wow! 
       There are so much of fun and enjoyment in these two days with you guys(Mr. Amin, Ms. Salbiah, Reuben, KokMing, Vivian, Dann, Star, Jushua, Prince). This date 09072011 is a unforgettable date for everyone in Malaysia or Malaysian around the world. It is because of the "Bersih 2.0 Rally", this rally was not only happens in Malaysia, but is worldwide such as Malaysia, New York, Korea, New Zealand and many more country. We are Malaysian, We are free to speak out our opinion and We are free to rally! Additional point, the real is communities that join the rally have no any weapons. Next, I am near Kuala Lumpur now, but I didn't go to join this rally because of many people say dangerous, they have pistol and etc. Besides that, my parent called me for many times. Parent, I am very fine here. 
       At 09072011 night, I went to trained badminton with them at New Vision, Section 14. These all training are to be ready for the OCPJ Badminton Tournament …

Bersih 2.0 (Clean 2.0)

The 8 major point:
1. Clean the electoral roll The electoral roll is marred with irregularities such as deceased persons and multiple persons registered under a single address or non-existent addresses. The electoral roll must be revised and updated to wipe out these ‘phantom voters’. The rakyat have a right to an electoral roll that is an accurate reflection of the voting population. In the longer term, BERSIH 2.0 also calls for the EC to implement an automated voter registration system upon eligibility to reduce irregularities. 2. Reform postal ballot The current postal ballot system must be reformed to ensure that all citizens of Malaysia are able to exercise their right to vote. Postal ballot should not only be open for all Malaysian citizens living abroad, but also for those within the country who cannot be physically present in their voting constituency on polling day. Police, military and civil servants too must vote normally like other voters if not on duty on polling day. The posta…

I'm used to be a noob(stupid).

I'm quite excited and interested with the thing that happens today. A Futsal Tournament which is organizing by OCPJ Student Council and I'm as a organizer part. Although, I'm a noob(stupid) in this sports, but I very enjoy when they are kicking the ball, luckily not kicks people or etc. This tournament was involved two campus which are OCKL and OCPJ. There are so many teams from OCPJ and few teams from OCKL. But OCKL is doing well and there are two teams from OCKL goes to the final match. Fortunately, OCPJ became the tournament Champion and they called themselves as "OBAMA". A simple and the best named ever. 
       Between, Nasi Lemak at the seventh floor of OCPJ is delicious, Roti Telur Bakar and Teh Tarik at the food stalls infront of OCPJ building is fantastic. 
       Finally, Kok Ming! Don't vomit lightning, just vomit last night food bah... I will try my best to trains myself. ^^ Patrick, no more Pheonix liao.... Train that JD. ^^ super nice...

A Cat Song


June came to the corner, July take over the world again.

June came to the corner, July take over the world again. What do this mean? I felt the time past very fast after my primary school time. Is it because the earth turn more faster? Is it because we never slow down the time? or Is it because we doesn't treat time well? Whose know...
       I spent the first, second and third of July with a fantastic real life, boring dream and delicious food night respectively. It's good life. It is also bad and there are also feed up my stomach with those nice looking and taste good foods. I'm hope that not an ending of it. I hope to see and get more and more. July here I come to you...

Friday, It's HOT!

Can't wait it anymore. It's time to hang out and go to cinema to watch Transformer 3: Dark of the Moon. The day consider as so far so good, there are 4 of us to there which are Patrick, Yu Tan, Reuben and I. At the morning, Patrick and I was went to a meeting conduct by our President of OCPJ Student Council. We take 1 hour to finished the meeting and then go to Amcorp Mall to collects trophy of the Futsal Competition 2011 and view the poster of Badminton Tournament 2011. It's kind of tire when we inside the mall, because we kept on return between the trophy shop and poster shop. I'm not sure whether I could to join the badminton tournament or I am supposing to join it. I just try my best to train myself in every time training on Tuesday night. 
       Back to my topic, we spend few hours at the mall to do all the matters. Between, Patrick and I still haven't take our breakfast. OMG! So, Godwin, our President, fetch us back to school and then we just go to tak…