Sunday, 10 July 2011

09072011 to 10072011

       Wow! Wow! Wow! 

       There are so much of fun and enjoyment in these two days with you guys(Mr. Amin, Ms. Salbiah, Reuben, KokMing, Vivian, Dann, Star, Jushua, Prince). This date 09072011 is a unforgettable date for everyone in Malaysia or Malaysian around the world. It is because of the "Bersih 2.0 Rally", this rally was not only happens in Malaysia, but is worldwide such as Malaysia, New York, Korea, New Zealand and many more country. We are Malaysian, We are free to speak out our opinion and We are free to rally! Additional point, the real is communities that join the rally have no any weapons. Next, I am near Kuala Lumpur now, but I didn't go to join this rally because of many people say dangerous, they have pistol and etc. Besides that, my parent called me for many times. Parent, I am very fine here. 

       At 09072011 night, I went to trained badminton with them at New Vision, Section 14. These all training are to be ready for the OCPJ Badminton Tournament 2011, I hope everyone can do the best in the tournament. Do the best of the best. After that, we went to Restaurant Syed to take our dinner and we are planning about the Broga Hill, Semenyih on 10092011 which is also meant the day after today. 

       At 10092011 midnight at around 3a.m., Reuben, KokMing and I arrived to college and waiting for others to come. Fortunately, they came to the "Fat Gou"'s Factory Food Court and then we go to Kajang to fetch the only girl of the hiking. So, at 4.30a.m. sharp we start to go Broga Hill from vivian home. One an a half hours after, we reached to the destination and we started to hike.  Then, reached at the peak at 6.30a.m. It's a unlucky day, because we can't view the sunrise of Broga Hill. Although we woke up at the ealier of morning.

       Finally, we get down to the hill by just 30 minutes ++ and then we found that our car blocked by the other cars. So, we need to wait for the car owner to reverse  their car, so that we can get out from the place and have our beautiful breakfast at Semenyih. After all, we are going back home to sleep. Good Night! haha...


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