Thursday, 21 July 2011

Bon Odori 2011

       Wow... Wow... Wow... Wow.... You will hunt more fun in this post. An event that I waited for few years and an event that I should be there last year, but because of some issues makes me can't go there. It's okay, that is a past time. So, this year Bon Odori 2011, I am lucky. I can go there with my college mates. One thing can always remember is, my dream started from the morning until the next day also haven't finish yet. It is a tragedy. This is not only that, but we also got a lot of fun there such as eat octopus; eat sushi; eat rice; eat terayaki; eat tepanyaki; drinks juice; and many more. Talk about eat, I still remember Antony Chong sushi gave us ate half and Shadow Lee bought a pack of sushi which is just left the plastic pack and wasted food. I'm just only ate one and other kept take from the plastic pack. Besides that, Antony Chong push me to take picture with the "Mui Mui Zai" that came from Japan. Aligartou! I like the fan war and Vivian Yap, I remember the fan touch on my face feeling. *VNS~ Another person is Patrick, if I really become shorter because of your smash on my head! Better you go TFK la, don't come to smash. Next, Adrian Woo and Alex Yee, don't be Hard Gay bah, later both of you really.... *OMG~ In additional, Eunice is the innocent one. Finally, that is a good day and fun day because can see leng lui and leng zai and *OMG~ at there. What to do? Bon Odori 2012 I am ready! Friends are you ready? 

To be continue~
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