Friday, It's HOT!

       Can't wait it anymore. It's time to hang out and go to cinema to watch Transformer 3: Dark of the Moon. The day consider as so far so good, there are 4 of us to there which are Patrick, Yu Tan, Reuben and I. At the morning, Patrick and I was went to a meeting conduct by our President of OCPJ Student Council. We take 1 hour to finished the meeting and then go to Amcorp Mall to collects trophy of the Futsal Competition 2011 and view the poster of Badminton Tournament 2011. It's kind of tire when we inside the mall, because we kept on return between the trophy shop and poster shop. I'm not sure whether I could to join the badminton tournament or I am supposing to join it. I just try my best to train myself in every time training on Tuesday night. 

       Back to my topic, we spend few hours at the mall to do all the matters. Between, Patrick and I still haven't take our breakfast. OMG! So, Godwin, our President, fetch us back to school and then we just go to take our breakfast and lunch. It was 3 o'clock in the afternoon. Next, we are waiting Yu Tan to come out from the college and start our engine to Tropicana City Mall. I loving it! The mall is pretty nice and cold. As what I know, someone drive super car and "死火" on the way to there. Luckily, we still can reach there on time to watch the movie.

        After the 2 hours and 30 minutes movie, seems all of us hungry, we went to eat at Seapark, Bumbung Nasi Lemak Ayam. Yu Tan is first time to there and she shock because of RM22.XX per plate of Nasi Lemak. That is not here, that is pricing at Suria, KLCC. Don't be afraid of the values. We took few hours to chit chat lifestyle and etc, It's nice and prefect. DSLR topic is a must. hehe! Finally, we all go back home at 10.30p.m. Thanks.

Comment: Transformer 3, I LOVE IT! Shock Wave, Sentinel, Optimus Prime (Cool Man!), BumbleBee (Datsun, Lol!)
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