Friday, 8 July 2011

I'm used to be a noob(stupid).

       I'm quite excited and interested with the thing that happens today. A Futsal Tournament which is organizing by OCPJ Student Council and I'm as a organizer part. Although, I'm a noob(stupid) in this sports, but I very enjoy when they are kicking the ball, luckily not kicks people or etc. This tournament was involved two campus which are OCKL and OCPJ. There are so many teams from OCPJ and few teams from OCKL. But OCKL is doing well and there are two teams from OCKL goes to the final match. Fortunately, OCPJ became the tournament Champion and they called themselves as "OBAMA". A simple and the best named ever. 

       Between, Nasi Lemak at the seventh floor of OCPJ is delicious, Roti Telur Bakar and Teh Tarik at the food stalls infront of OCPJ building is fantastic. 

       Finally, Kok Ming! Don't vomit lightning, just vomit last night food bah... I will try my best to trains myself. ^^
Patrick, no more Pheonix liao.... Train that JD. ^^ super nice...
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