Sunday, 17 July 2011

This week(11-15 July 2011)

       11-07-2011: Nothing special, I went to class as normal and I had learn a new thing for the hexadecimal value, which is coding that a computer read such as 0123456789ABCDEF. It is not only binary code, but we still got hexadecimal and etc.

       12-07-2011: I went to play badminton at the afternoon and night time. I am full power when playing with ah Harn racket. Then we are going to Bumbung Seapark to take our dinner. NASI LEMAK KEPAK! NICE!

       13-07-2011: A boring class ever I had.

       14-07-2011: At afternoon, friends and I helped Yu Tan to maintenance her car. Besides that, a night with SPAM WALL, that is because I just went out with Helbert to Asia Cafe without their notice. So, my inbox reached to 350++ messages. For Facebook inbox, there are more than 15 messages from Patrick, 19 messages from KokMing and the most inbox messages are 55 messages from Reuben. Reuben, You are the winner of the Spam Operation!

       15-07-2011: I have no class, but I need to go there because I got a meeting for the Student Council. All of them just talk about activities that not related to me and makes me sleepy, anyways, I will help others if they needs my help. Moreover, the OCPJ Badminton Tournament 2011 due date of registration is around the corner, I'm not sure how many people will join the tournament. I hope there will be many of them follow and take part on it. No choice to get less participant, because my college have no much of students. Lastly, I got my own racket, "PRO TECH" brands with some free gift such as sock "Nike", hand ( ) and bag "PRO TECH" too. Thank you Reuben to brought me there.

        Conclusion, in these few days, we play Gun Bound, we helped each others, we having lunch together, we play sports together and many others. Although, the time is just short and simple, but I enjoy the moment that we are together and learn something from each other. I'm *Noob~ in Gun Bound and Dota. Please do apologize my Noob. 

The next day is BON ODORI 2011!!! Can't miss it this year!
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