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Forth Semester Ended!

It's the ended of a tired semester. It's finally until the this date which is to say good bye Semester 4. These entire 3 months are just because to answer the questions on this 4 days. It's tough, it's easy, it's enjoyable, it's tired.
So, then. I can have a good time to rest and earns money.

To be continue...


第一天, 考数学. 在下午,所以我还早上还有时间可以读书. 因该没问题吧.
第二天, 考Human Computer Interaction. 在早上,我还不知道这样啦. Be ready鸟一半一半.
第三天, 考Visual Programming. 下午到晚上,我真的不懂这样去考试. 因为那个老师不会教书的.
第四天, 考Internet Programming.  下午到晚上,应该很简单吧. 只是需要比较多的时间去做吧鸟.
Hope to get a good result in this semester. ^^

A Bowling Night.

又一天过去了, 一天一天的闷下去,
这个晚上我和朋友去了IKANO POWER CENTRE打Bowling.
不知道啦。 我在运动上真的没有天分。 所以那一天打到不像样。 唉…
过后, 我们就去走走了, 等一下, 当看到有一个地方就像在Titanic的一幕。

像吗? 哈哈,也许你会说无聊。 唉…
然后, 那个晚上,我傻了。 我就像个没有绳子的猴子。 还好, 没有做出那些东西。
那一个晚上就是这样过去啦。 时间过的真快, 又是时间说Byebye鸟...

All about Sabah.

Kundasang & Mount Kinabalu

Hope everyone have a nice day ^^ Welcome to Kundasang & Mount Kinabalu. Danny ^^

All about Sabah.


Hope everyone have a nice day ^^ Welcome to Kudat. Danny ^^

All about Sabah.

DJ游记第八集Kota Kinabalu.

Hope everyone have a nice day ^^ Welcome to Kota Kinabalu. Danny ^^

All about Sabah.


Hope everyone have a nice day ^^ Welcome to Sandakan. Danny ^^

Exam is around the corner again.

This is my forth semester studying in Olympia College.
Obviously, I am alive and pass all the subjects.
But this semester I'm not sure whether,
so lucky to get all the easy question or not.
It is because the lecturer testing more than teaching us about the subject.

In case I'm failed,
whom gonna be the one to handle this kind of shit?
I hope there are no such thing happen in these 4 papers.

I tried a trust to my Computerized Accounting lecturer last time,
but seems the output of my result was "DAMN" good.
I'm going to complaint for more than 10 times,
they are just treat the matter transparency.

So, this time I hope won't got such matters happen again.
If not, I am going to "DiE".

Lastly, I hope all examination candidates can do well in yours exam.
Good Luck!


Tear (眼泪)


还是 看到很感动的电影。




Yours Mission Failed!

*Nice try~
First, if you said this is my fault. No, it isn't.
You're failed to flirt my friends or others opposite gender.
There are no such things called wonderful life,
if you are in the recent attitude.
It is because of yours attitude and manner, caused all the people don't like you.

Actually, you make me ignore you since you said want to have the relation.
I just try to accept you,
and think one day you will changed a better one.
You are telling me, when we met?
How long already we had in relationship?
and many more.
That were just a small matter.

I can tell you one thing.
You are no hope,
Stubborn made you lose all the friendship.

As a people, we need to share and care.
But I think these kind of wonderful action.
I won't act in front of you and do to you,
because I never start a relationship with you.
I just treat you as my friend.

Finally, it's ended since you blocked, canceled and deleted me in anywhere.
God Bless You!


Can't be patient.

I'm blogging is because I want to express whatever in my heart. Nothing is impossible, but one thing is still in my heart which is no patient. Although, been trained to be solid, but I'm still jelly. A soft and fragile thing which is easy break and easy to be confuse.
People always said, patient, think positive, don't think too much, grapevine and etc. Otherwise, I hope, I swear, I perhaps, I will think about it.  The result is same, no changes.
I just try to bring out a message. Brain can't easily to changes, If yourself not always remember it.
Myself,  you are stupid. you are idiot. you are no more hope. you are just a kind of shit below the dead flower. Hope you know what to do in the next step.

Rock the Night.

I'm back again to express my enjoyment.
These few days I'm quite busy to post comment, to post status and to reply it too. Not the least, friends, relatives and others also very support me. They are keep on commenting in my wall post on Facebook. I'm appreciated your replied and have a best time with all of them.
Next, tonight Helbert (friend), He was started another mission which as below:
A Status by Helbert Lim.
He went to The Opera at Sunway Pyramid with Patrick Lim and Antony Lim(myself). In The Opera, there are so much people wearing glittery and sexy outfit. Besides that, Chivas, Vodka, Tower, Beer and whatever I can see in front of my eye's,  all are alcoholic drinks. What are we waiting for? Let's drink drink and drink.
This was the conversation: Patrick Lim Said: I 千杯不醉得。。。
Fortunately, we just drinks for few cups. But Patrick Lim's started turns red and so on. That's why I said "but your face shown you are drunk already... not 千杯不醉得 is 一杯就醉。"

A Night For Fun.

Last night,
everyone thought me went back to Sandakan. It was because I just check in, at Taman Mawar Sandakan Sabah.
A proved that I went back to Sandakan by a Check In.
Now I tell you all. This is actually a fake Check In that I made. Through some technology skills. If you want to know it, just leave a comment.
Back to my topic,
The second proved that I'm at Sandakan now.
Although, this is not a Sandakan car plat, but seems it is not a familiar car plat for Peninsular Malaysia.
Some of them thought this is a car plat from Singapore.
But it is Sabah car plat.
Example: SD= Lahad Datu, Sabah SS= Sandakan, Sabah SA= Kota Kinabalu, Sabah (Api-Api) ST= Tawau, Sabah and so on.
Next, Finally, I can get a Android phone in my hand. Quite nice, Quite smooth and so on.
Haiz... Haiz... Haiz...

A waiting of the air dinner. 
In the Sandakan Airport Check In.
Finally arrival to Kuala Lumpur. and two of my friends greets me, "Welcome back to the Reality." Lol!

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