Monday, 1 August 2011

About Money.

It's a good time to spend with money.
But let's think about money, it is not easy to get it.
What do I means?
I want to bring out, money is hard to get from your owns hardworking.

So, I went to earns some pocket money.
These 3 days, I'm went to work in KL Convention Centre.
It's a big area and I working in the small booth which named as 424 booth.
The day before working I am wondering and thinking, how big is the fair?
But then, on the first day, I am opens my big mouth because the amount of people
going to this fair is not much than what I suspected.

Anyways, I am kept on talking with all the people that interested with our product.
I talked in English, Malay, Chinese, Cantonese, Hakka, and Teo Chew. 
I am happy to met you all.
But there is one "NERD" word that I don't like.
It is said by a Malay Aunt because her son took our remote control.
So, she is telling her son " Anak, sila kasih balik remote itu kepada "UNCLE"!!!
I am still young okay~

I'm doesn't do well in my sales.
It is just because too tired and not enough sleep.
My average sales per day are 4 pieces.

Finally, I'm happy to working with my colleague in these 3 days.

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