Thursday, 11 August 2011

Can't be patient.

I'm blogging is because I want to express whatever in my heart.
Nothing is impossible, but one thing is still in my heart which is no patient.
Although, been trained to be solid, but I'm still jelly.
A soft and fragile thing which is easy break and easy to be confuse.

People always said, patient, think positive, don't think too much, grapevine and etc.
Otherwise, I hope, I swear, I perhaps, I will think about it. 
The result is same, no changes.

I just try to bring out a message.
Brain can't easily to changes, If yourself not always remember it.

you are stupid.
you are idiot.
you are no more hope.
you are just a kind of shit below the dead flower.
Hope you know what to do in the next step.

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