Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Exam is around the corner again.

This is my forth semester studying in Olympia College.

Obviously, I am alive and pass all the subjects.
But this semester I'm not sure whether,
so lucky to get all the easy question or not.
It is because the lecturer testing more than teaching us about the subject.

In case I'm failed,
whom gonna be the one to handle this kind of shit?
I hope there are no such thing happen in these 4 papers.

I tried a trust to my Computerized Accounting lecturer last time,
but seems the output of my result was "DAMN" good.
I'm going to complaint for more than 10 times,
they are just treat the matter transparency.

So, this time I hope won't got such matters happen again.
If not, I am going to "DiE".

Lastly, I hope all examination candidates can do well in yours exam.
Good Luck!

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