Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Rock the Night.

I'm back again to express my enjoyment.
These few days I'm quite busy to post comment, to post status and to reply it too.
Not the least, friends, relatives and others also very support me.
They are keep on commenting in my wall post on Facebook.
I'm appreciated your replied and have a best time with all of them.

Next, tonight Helbert (friend), He was started another mission which as below:
A Status by Helbert Lim.

He went to The Opera at Sunway Pyramid with Patrick Lim and Antony Lim(myself).
In The Opera, there are so much people wearing glittery and sexy outfit.
Besides that, Chivas, Vodka, Tower, Beer and whatever I can see in front of my eye's, 
all are alcoholic drinks.
What are we waiting for?
Let's drink drink and drink.

This was the conversation:
Patrick Lim Said: I 千杯不醉得。。。

Fortunately, we just drinks for few cups.
But Patrick Lim's started turns red and so on.
That's why I said "but your face shown you are drunk already... not 千杯不醉得 is 一杯就醉。"

(!@#$%&&Chit Chat, Drinks and Chit Chat again.*&^%$#@)
Patrick Lim said " Can I go to Toilet?".
So, I'm accompanied him to washroom,
and then I thought he is going to pee.
But actually he is vomiting in the toilet bowl.
*OMG~ Weak Patrick...
More a while, we went back home and sleep.
Luckily, there is a body haven't drunk yet to drive the car.
*VNS~ *Nice Try~ *Hi~

Finally, I ended this post by this Tasty, Yummy and Juicy Picture: Link

Conclusion of Tuesday Post:


Lastly, ALL ARE FAKE! 
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