Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Super man.

Obviously, I'm not a famous people in this world and,
I'm just a normal human which is enjoying a normal life's like you and you.

Today, I watched a movie called Captain American.
I knew it when I was in primary school and playing a PS1 game.
If I not mistaken is "Marvel Vs Capcom".
This was a game that contains all the super heroes in the comic books.

Next, in the movie, Rogers the Captain American is a short and skinny man.
But he is brave, think positive and like to try.

Beside that, when he got a fit body, muscular body shapes and wear nice.
My eye's and brain's started to envy him.
I hope myself also can take this types of injection and makes my body became like him.

Haiz... Haiz... Haiz...
Nothing to say...

Salute! ^^
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